No purpose future: Living our lives as children

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Most Americans would be happy to pay taxes if they felt they got a return on their payment. Our government has failed miserably to deliver the basics when it comes to maintaining or improving our infrastructure, but they can damn well fund the military to no end. Has what the average taxpayer paid to Uncle Sam for the military since 9/11 paid for itself? Do we really think a wall will pay off?

Our taxes seem to go toward funding our paranoia, which I find deeply troubling. Meanwhile, we think “healthcare” is just code for welfare and even if it was, why are we willing to rebuild nations we destroy while we allow our own citizens to go without care?

Why is it in this nation, 80 to 90 percent of the money spent on healthcare goes toward the final two years of life? What sense does that make? How we treat our young, our sick, and our elderly says more about us as humans than whether or not we build more aircraft carriers or bail out Wall Street.

One-third of Americans’ money vanished as a result of the crash of 2008 and no one goes to prison. Think about that. Think what that money could have done for people struggling to make ends meet? CEO’s took the government bailout and gave themselves fat raises while thousands of hard working citizens lost their homes, their jobs, and hope. What kind of government allows this and claims to have the best interest of its citizens at heart?

I am not as progressive as a Bernie supporter, however, I do believe a nation as wealthy as ours stands to gain far more by doing everything it can to help everyone succeed. College or trade schools should not leave people in debt. The more we invest in people to help them succeed, the less we pay to keep them incarcerated or on public assistance.

Recently I watched Mark Cuban answer a question about the recent jobs report. He went on to explain about the future of the American work force and claimed one third to one half of these “new” jobs that are making the unemployment figures drop now will not be around in five years because of how fast we are moving toward artificial intelligence and robotics. R2D2 and C3PO will be doing the bulk of our labor soon.

What are we going to do when 300 million people are out of work? If you have a problem with welfare and other forms of public assistance now, wait until you find yourself in need of it because you have been replaced by some droid that can work non-stop and doesn’t need healthcare, let alone a salary.

What value will human life have if there becomes no incentive to learn and grow as a person? As it is now, college is a path toward finding oneself and hopefully land a decent start to a nice career. Take away our jobs and there becomes no need for colleges. Take away our colleges and there becomes no need for public education. Take away public education and all that is left is one long life of childhood.

Maybe then, every day will be St. Patrick’s Day and we can just become raging alcoholics.