Not Everyone is Born with a Silver Spoon; Voice of James Watts 

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James Watts is a successful Forex trader and founder of The Forex Hub – an educational platform for learning how to perform in the business world. James put together this platform himself after gaining extensive knowledge, experience, and success in the Forex trade that completely changed his life.

James Watts is a young man and a full-time Forex trader and mentor. He started his journey five years back in 2015. Having so much success in Forex trading, he introduced The Forex Hub that initiated with just one student and rapidly grew in only a few months of operations. Today, James has a 100% success rate, teaching all of his students.

James Watts  (Courtesy photo)

He started trading back in 2015, and with all of his success and hard work in Forex trading, he launched his own company, The Forex Hub, that soon became as successful as his entrepreneurial career. He was able to bring in a student base from all over the world. As of 2020, he has achieved what many others could only dream of. He became a self-made millionaire.

It’s not easy making it in the business world, but unlike others, James hustled to stay motivated and persistent. James’s talent is recognized globally, as he single-handedly addresses the challenges in Forex Trading while training his students. He figured out the reasons behind every other person giving up in the business world and took initiatives to eliminate them.  

He always follows up with his students’ excellent performances to show the world that The Forex Hub is result-driven and credible. James Watts is now one of the leading names in Forex trading who’s known to have offered a great deal of value to Forex trading.

James went from being known as an underprivileged kid from a financially unstable background to living a lavish life because of his high-income skill, educational platform. 

It isn’t always easy when you speak to James about his journey to becoming a millionaire. We asked, “what are some obstacles you faced?” he remembers the struggle; “growing up in a household where Christmas was fictional, and being part of a single-parent household, with solo income wasn’t easy. I soon realized that being poor was not an option for me.” 

On his journey to becoming a self-made millionaire, he had to make plenty of sacrifices, investing all his savings. “I did not have access to trainers, so I learned from my own mistakes.”