Open letter to the president

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Dear Mr. President,

With all due respect, you can do away with any further speeches. In the span of less than a decade, you have gone from a man who offered a desperate nation hope with speeches that connected with Americans across racial, gender, and age lines to one whose words ring hallow and empty.

Go ahead and tout the economy and 5.6 percent unemployment rate. I hear the voices of countless Americans who are under employed, forced to work two or three jobs just to get by and creating a level closer to half our work force who struggle to make ends meet.

Talk all you want about our military success. I just have to look at the thousands of “military advisers” left behind to know we have not completed the job. I will see more beheadings performed by the JV squad and realize you are not interested in ridding the world of terrorism as much as you are hoping it doesn’t strike here before you leave office. I see the horrifying photos of thousands of Nigerians massacred and understand you cannot be bothered by genocide in the name of God.


Tell Americans how you will not rest until the injustices of civil rights violations will not be tolerated. However, as long as you can send cabinet members to attend the funeral of a young man who just committed a crime and not do the same for fallen police officers who are ambushed or fallen comrades in France, you become part of the problem and not the solution.

Remind us how compassionate you are by allowing 11 million illegal citizens to remain inside our borders, offering affordable health care to people without, and now free community college tuition to everyone. All I know is your compassion has driven up the cost of my insurance, lowered the quality of care I receive, and has drained my wallet all while enabling non-contributors to live off of my hard work.

Mr. President, you, like most politicians, have demonstrated a disconnect with the Americans I see as our hope for a better tomorrow. We are honest, hard working people of all races, religions, and lifestyles who desire a government that will represent our needs and interests. We seek a leader of any political party who will stop encouraging the behaviors of people who view you as the guy who enables their tax sucking lifestyle.

It is your enabling that has punished the middleclass every bit as much as the greed of Wall Street. It has continued to encourage one generation after the other to contribute nothing but future generations while knowing they can be handed everything they want. You, Mr. President, are killing the American work ethic and with it, the American dream.

So please, enough of the speeches. Six years has been enough to make us see the leader you really are. We have listened to your empty promises and witnessed your actions, and inaction, and have concluded the hope you once offered has been replaced by a level of disappointment leaving us wondering whether or not our next leader will be able to clean up the wreckage left behind after an eight year nightmare.