Pardon me? President Trump’s dishonesty is taking America into the gutter

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There’s an old joke about a husband who wakes up every morning and says to his wife, “I want to apologize in advance for everything I do wrong today.” Oddly enough, we seem to have a president who wants to grant himself and his family members pardons for everything they claim they have not done. This makes about as much sense as the American public electing a narcissist who wants us to believe he is a multi billionaire without showing proof of income earned or taxes paid.

Pardon me for being one of those who isn’t buying the crap Donny is selling. He has done nothing to make America anything other than a laughing stock among a growing list of soon to be former allies. For some strange reason, he has more attachment to the right hand of the French president than he does for the laws and institutions of the system of government he has be entrusted with.

I’m really trying hard not to go low and get in the gutter here, but I am fed up with the B.S. he calls the truth and even more fed up with the talking butt kissers at Fox News who all seem to be vying for a job in the Trump Gestapo. It used to be we just had to focus on Bill and Sean. Now there are an endless number of brainwashed idiots paid to keep selling crap to the flies that have attached themselves to the stench drifting from the Oval Office.

There are some seriously deranged people in this nation. The far left has their share. However, the difference between the far left and the far right is what their foundation is based on. The far left just wants a world, or at least a nation, where no one is poor, sick, hungry, or goes without. They may want to tax the hell out of the wealthy and working class which may not set well if all that money goes toward people who are under or non achievers, but their hearts are in the right place. Why should anyone go without healthcare in a nation that spends more on its military than the next 12 nations combined?

The far right, on the other hand, seem to be angry at everyone and wants them to suffer. They are willing to poison the American well and bring this nation down if necessary because they really believe they can build a better America, one where the Bill of Rights is no longer applicable to everyone. They can’t agree on a health plan but are fine with destroying what’s in place just to make a point. In fact, while the Democratic Party is searching for ways to become more united as the midterm elections approach, the far right is willing to bring down their own party members if they do not jump on board their hate train.

All of this falls into the lap of  el Presidente. The not so little dictator actually believes he does not have to play by the rules. Hell, this guy doesn’t even know the rules. He has no regard for loyalty or support. If you do not believe me, ask Jeff Sessions. He only walked away from the Senate to serve as Attorney General. When even he realizes he has a conflict of interest regarding the Russian investigation you know this thing runs deep. However, Trump really believes EVERYONE in government serves him and his interest and not the American public.

Still, there are the damn stupid, blind, loyalist citizens who really don’t mind even the more minor lies of the man they support. So Trump spends more time at Mar-A-Lago in half a year than Obama did golfing in eight years. Suddenly, Trump’s people will tell us the president needs time away to unwind. Funny how when it is a black liberal on the golf course it is an issue but when it is a white jackass it is alright. They don’t care about the cost to educate Baron or protect Trump’s sons and daughters while they travel the world, go skiing, or just feel like getting out of the United States in case the feds come knocking at their doors.

I know, I am being unpatriotic by bashing the Clown-in-Chief. You only do it when the man in power has a Muslim sounding name. Still, I just can’t get myself to respect a person who so blatantly flaunts his disdain for respecting and playing by the rules.

Obviously his supporters will remain with him no matter what. They represent about a third of the voting nation.  I also know democrats will not support him because they see him for who he is, a person who has no regard for anything or anyone other than himself. There is another 40 to 45 percent of the voting public. The people I am most interested in are the GOP Senate. Because congressman are virtually assured reelection thanks to gerrymandering their districts, it is the GOP Senate that stands to lose if they stand by Trump.

Having to face the voters from their entire state, GOP Senators have to be concerned with the overall mood of the state they represent. It is easier for congressmen to fall in line with Trump’s nonsense. However, senators have to balance the wants and wishes of an entire state. In swing states where voters could go red or blue in 2018 and 2020, GOP senators are stuck between a rock and a hard place on matters like healthcare, tax reform, and immigration. To blindly follow Trump is likely to be committing political suicide for enough to swing the senate back into control of Democrats. If this happens, Trump will get nothing done, which is pretty much what he has done so far.

So this is a plea from a guy who lives in a state that is far more left than I am to the senators from states that can make a political difference as to the direction this nation heads. Know that voters will support you if you can demonstrate enough courage to hold Trump and his posse accountable. He can’t push through an agenda that punishes the poor, rewards the wealthy, leads to more wars, and fails to make this nation great again unless you cave in to him.

Your reelection is not going to be a slam dunk and is going to be a test as to whether or not you place the way our government functions before your own personal desire to remain in power. But then this is the expected price you pay for allowing your party to nominate a man who is so unfit to serve in the White House.