Political Correctness poisons the mind

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The mind set behind the person or persons who vandalized the Santa Barbara News-Press walls demonstrates how political correctness has poisoned the thinking of our nation, especially those under the age of thirty. When vandals painted, “The border is illegal not the people who cross it,” they show a complete lack of understanding of the English language and represents how political correctness has become a tool to brainwash our youth, much like Hitler used schools to do the same in Nazi Germany.

The Santa Barbara New-Press is correct when they say, “It is an appropriate term in describing someone as ‘illegal’ if they are in this country illegally.” It’s not just an appropriate term, it is 100 percent accurate and should be the only term used to describe such a person.

Our nation has laws that specify what is and is not legal status in this country. Just because someone does not want to be bothered with following the process, does not agree with the process, or just can’t accept that a large part of this country was once part of Mexico but no longer is, does not entitle that person to the use of a term that does not accurately describe their presence in the United States. It certainly does not justify their act of vandalism.

Protesters marching in front of the offices of the Santa Barbara News-Post
Protesters marching in front of the offices of the Santa Barbara News-Post

Let’s assume for a minute this act was done by an illegal citizen. Does this person think for one minute I am justified for a doing a similar act in Mexico after I enter their country illegally? Am I within my right to spray paint a wall with, “The Mexican government is corrupt,” after crossing into their country illegally? Am I to assume Mexico would view me as an “undocumented” citizen if arrested and will just deport me if I am caught? For those who do not like the “label” of illegal, I suggest trying to come here legally and see how you feel about those who do not.

Now, let’s assume this was done by someone who is here legally, something I happen to believe to be the case. Let’s break down their thinking.

“The border is illegal.” Really? Do they mean all borders or just the U.S./Mexican border? My guess is they believe the border between our two countries is illegal. I can only assume they must think the current border is invalid because the United States took much of Mexico as the result of a war more than 160 years. Do they feel the same about our northern border with Canada or could they care less?

How about the borders in Europe which came about as a result of World War II or the ending of the Cold War? How about the borders in Africa? Asia? The Middle East? If they are okay with those borders, why are they unable to accept the current U.S./Mexico border that is accepted by the international community?

In this day and age, I bet there are many nations, ours included, that are rethinking their border policies and the policies they have in place concerning both legal and illegal immigrants. France, Germany, Greece, and much of the rest of Europe are rethinking things after the recent massacre in France. You see, the United States is not alone with the political issue of immigration and the more acts of violence, big or small, only serve to sway the public’s thinking into a less tolerant view on border protection and immigration policy.

“Not the people who cross it,” indicates that the end justifies the means. In other words, as long as you are inside another nation’s borders, legal or not, you automatically become a legal citizen of that nation. This is a ludicrous concept. When a person enters a nation illegally, whether it is the United States, France, China, or any other nation, you cannot, and should not expect the same rights and treatment as those who are there legally. Citizenship is a privilege and not a right. To think otherwise is to be unable to see the world beyond yourself.

I blame all of this on the mind set behind political correctness, which I believe falls in the lap of Bill Clinton and the left wing of the democratic party of the early 1990’s. They were the ones who had the brilliant foresight to see how changing our terminology could be used to build support for the Democratic Party. If you are a legal U.S. Citizen from Latin America looking for a political party who will support your interests, who are you going to view more favorably, the one who uses the term “undocumented” citizen or the one who uses “illegal” citizen?

Political correctness is also why we see terms like “government assistance” instead of welfare, “correctional facility” instead of prison, “maintenance engineer” instead of janitor, and now “protestor” instead of rioter. As each year passes, these, and countless other terms, further brainwash our people into thinking anyone who refuses to accept political correctness must be a racist who hates all minorities when in reality, we just want to avoid the same brainwashing of our culture that Hitler used to brainwash Germany’s culture in the 1930’s.


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