Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard outraged by border wall funding in spending bill

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Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard (CA-40) released a statement Wednesday concerning the GOP’s addition of money for President Trump’s border wall to a general funding bill.

“I am outraged at the addition of $1.6 billion of unnecessary and unwarranted border wall funding to a so-called security “minibus” spending bill.  The majority party is playing a cynical political game with our national security.  Every Democrat on the Appropriations Committee opposed the DHS Appropriations bill that included wall funding, but the GOP is now trying to force Democrats to vote for wall spending that takes funds away from our nation’s real security vulnerabilities.  It is unconscionable to tie frivolous wall funding to this minibus bill that helps protect our country and support our servicemembers.

“The fact that Senate Democrats have indicated any money for a wall is a non-starter demonstrates that this [is] purely a political play by the House GOP.  The majority shouldn’t focus on devising political tricks, or on pressing for this unneeded wall spending.  The American people deserve better.  Instead, the majority should focus on making spending choices that keep the government running and truly keep our country safe.”

Top photo from Royal-Allard’s Facebook video as she opposes funding for border wall.