Rep. Tony Cárdenas supports Israel

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WASHINGTON – U.S. Representative Tony Cárdenas(CA-29),  released the following statement on his vote in support of H.Res. 11, Objecting to United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 as an obstacle to Israeli-Palestinian peace.

“I support a sustainable two-state solution with the democratic, Jewish state of Israel and a democratic Palestinian state living side-by-side in peace and security. A few weeks before the vote at the United Nations on Resolution 2334, the House of Representatives passed H.Con.Res.165, a bipartisan resolution stating that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can only be resolved through direct negotiations and should not be internationalized yet our voices were ignored.

I was disappointed to see the United States abstained from voting on the resolution, rather than exercising its veto. Today, the House of Representatives passed, and I voted for, H.Res. 11, objecting the U.S. position taken at the U.N. The people of Israel are our strongest allies in the region and they deserve our respect and protection from exigent threats.”

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WASHINGTON –  January 6, 2017, U.S. Representative Tony Cárdenas(CA-29),  released the following statement on President-elect Trump’s reaction to Russian tampering with America.

“It’s plain and simple. In tampering with the American people, the Russians undermined our electoral system, and they violated our rights.

For Donald Trump to refuse to recognize this truth, he’s putting his ego above the people we’re all elected to serve. He’s being dishonest to the American people and disrespecting their trust.

This shouldn’t be a political issue. It’s not about who won the election. It’s about protecting our citizens — and our institutions — from foreign influence. I’m outraged at Trump’s unwillingness to face the facts. His cronyism with Putin should not come before his responsibility to the truth.”