Rusty Tweed On Why Is It Important For Businesses To Partner With Charity

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Small businesses partnering with a charity may seem unusual. You may wonder how this helps yet the business is centrally focused on growing vastly and soaring to greater heights of success. What’s the need for the partnership yet the business is making tremendous sales and in return profits? However, apart from chasing business goals and hitting targets, many small businesses find partnering with the charity as a plus and critical for their success argues investment guru and philanthropist Rusty Tweed.

He makes the case for charitable work. Rusty Tweed believes that with an effort like this marketing opportunities are expanded, and through networking the company is able to connect with potential customers by reaching more people.

From creating public awareness to fishing new customers, Rusty Tweed share the pros and benefits of small businesses partnering with a charity.

1. Builds and improves Brand Awareness

Businesses linking with charity creates awareness for both the organization and the charity foundation or organizers. In order to benefit maximum from the publicity, indicate all your charity donations on your website and give brief descriptions of each. Let your partner do the same for you by recognizing your support on their website. Another great idea is placing your charitable donations on advertisements and in other marketing channels in order to make your customers aware. All this will boost your business growth a great deal.

2. The Charity Can Aid in Marketing

Once you offer a certain product you produce for charity, the charity is likely to help you market the same product and promote its name. Charities can conduct rigorous campaigns for your products as they target their members converting them to customers like crazy. Revenue will be flowing in millions once your customers are more and sales spike. This is a ridiculous idea! Why? It’s a cheap marketing strategy that takes your name out to the public fast using the charitable organization’s infrastructure.

3. Choose an Appropriate Charity – Target Customers in Your Niche

Partnering with the right partner is key. Many small businesses take advantage to benefit from a charity whose members are part of their niche customers. 92% of companies find brand alignment with their charitable partner a necessity, according to a post by The Huffington Post on For Momentum’s 2015 Corporate Survey. So when choosing a charitable partner don’t rush for the largest, instead pick the one aligned with your brand in order to reach your customers hastily.

4. Open the Way For New Networking Opportunities

Networking opportunities are in excess during charitable events and meetings. The business is able to establish new contacts and widen horizons, probably adding to customers and even partners. Depending on the type of business you operate and your community, networking in charitable events opens doors for new business partners who would in future boost business operations.

5. It Benefits Others

Obviously, partnering with a charity helps others. Though small businesses give back to the community during their daily operations, charities create better links for businesses to offer help to specified cases. But your partnership may not be in a position to accomplish all this success. Many charities are aware of the major reason businesses would want to work closely with them and they try to payback for all the support.