San Diego Padres stay loose in camp

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ScoreboardOn March 25 I visited the Peoria Sports Complex, the Spring training home of the Seattle mariners and the San Diego Padres.

It was a very laid back atmosphere in the Padres camp. They took time to play some basketball, including manager Bud Black. For a little time that morning the Padres were just a bunch of guys shooting hoops, not a team getting ready for the regular season.

For the San Diego Padres, the last few seasons have been disappointing adventures at the bottom of the National League West Division. Plus, last year Mr. Padre, Tony Gwynn, passed away so the fans have not had much to cheer about. The only thing the Padres faithful could enjoy were those games in Petco Park when the Friars beat the L.A. Dodgers.

PlayersThe Padres plan to put San Francisco and Los Angeles on notice that the Padres will be contending for the NL West division title. Good news for the San Diego. Most of the baseball reporters think the Padres will do it too, this season.

One nice thing about the Padres: manager Bud Black likes the press and tried to have a good time with everyone. In my video report is below you’ll catch a little of his humor. I hope you enjoy it.

(All photos by Claudia Gestro)