Self-Care Tips For Life After Rehab

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If you just got out of rehab, you might feel like you’re in the Twilight Zone.  Suddenly, LA might seem like a whole different scene because you are living life sober.  Let’s face it, rehab is an intense process.  There are major shifts that occur within you as you face addiction issues and continue your journey of recovery.  What’s important to remember during your after-care is you’ve got to provide yourself with radical self-care as you start to rebuild your life in sobriety.

It’s vital that you ease yourself into the “real world” after you’ve been in rehab.  Taking steps to nurture yourself and ease yourself into your regular routine will help the success of your recovery.  So, whether you just got out of long-term recovery in LA or were newly discharged from short-term rehab, here are a few helpful self-care tips after getting out of rehab.

Get Mindful and Be Patient When Adjusting to Your Life After Rehab

What’s interesting about spending time in rehabilitation is that the hustle bustle of Los Angeles kept going on while you were in the process of recovering.  It’s almost as if you were in some weird time warp where the world marched on while you were in stasis.  In truth, you were hardly inactive or immobile in your recovery. 

The reality is, you likely went through a lot of transitions.  Recovering from addiction impacts all aspects of who you are. So, while your mind, body and spirit were recuperating and changing, the outside world was churning at its own momentum.

This is crucial to understand while regaining your balance. Recognize that just because you’ve changed, old friends or family members might have stayed the same.  This realization could lead to triggers that may tempt you to pick back up and start using again.  If you can relate, simply be mindful and be patient with yourself.  Understand that you are in a far different place now than you were pre-rehab, and that’s totally okay.

Practice Recreational Therapy

In the ideal scenario, you should have some time to yourself after getting out of rehab.  If so, use this time to do something recreational for yourself.  There are tons of exciting things to do in Los Angeles, so ease into your post-recovery by visiting some of LA’s world-class museums, farmer’s markets, or film studios.

You might also get your recreation on by picking up an old or new hobby.  Experts at the American Addiction Center state that people who struggle with addiction are significantly more likely to stick to recovery if they have a hobby.  Why? Because it thwarts boredom, which is often a trigger to abuse substances again. 

Furthermore, hobbies are mentally and sometimes physically stimulating.  Engaging in activities that are uplifting, keeping your mind off of using and also keeping your body moving are ideal.  So, consider going to one of LA’s finest yoga studios, or taking a jaunty bicycle ride down the 7+ mile long Ballona Creek bike path or various LA river paths.

Get Out in Nature

Nature is one of the finest, most effective therapies you can take advantage of during after-care, and LA has plenty of opportunities to help you heal.  For instance, spend time submerging yourself in the natural wonders featured at the Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden.

Or, make the most of nature’s healing effects by taking in the spectacular beaches in LA.  From Malibu to Santa Monica, LA beaches are a sublime way to ease into your time after recovery.  Soak in the sun, allow the Pacific waters to augment your healing, and let nature soothe you into serenity.

You can also enjoy nature by starting a garden in your backyard. Planting and gardening can be extremely therapeutic. In fact, according to the American Horticultural Therapy Association, the healing benefits of gardening include reduced anxiety, lower blood pressure, increased hand-eye coordination, better mental clarity and so much more.

You Are Worth It!

Adjusting to a life of sobriety isn’t easy, but it is totally worth it.  After all the effort you’ve put into your rehabilitation, this is your chance to experience life free from the chains of addiction.  In order to truly get that lease on life you deserve, it’s important to practice radical self-care after you get out of rehab.  Doing this will help you adjust and will facilitate an easier transition in your new lifestyle without substance abuse.