Shiba Inu Trader Chooses Mollars Over 990-Million SHIB Tokens

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Crypto Whale selling Shrimp Mollars ($MOLLARS) Tokens
Crypto Whale selling Shrimp Mollars ($MOLLARS) Tokens (Courtesy image)

Another crypto whale into Shiba Inu (SHIB) tokens, appears to be swimming for an exit.   A recent review of the Mollars token ICO reveals that a huge holder of $SHIB has swapped out tokens to DCA into the new store-of-value token’s presale.  Throughout 12 transactions thus far,  the Shiba Inu trader has bought at least US$23,000 in Mollars.

The massive amount spun is far more than the average person has in their banking account today.  And the decision to spend it,  means 990-Billion $SHIB tokens were sold or overlooked.   Such signals continue to indicate that big winners from the incline of the ‘Dogecoin killer’ are looking for the next big altcoin or meme coin.

Other Shiba Inu Whales Swimming AwayOther recent stories indicating disinterest from investors include a Shiba Inu whale off-loading 3-Trillion tokens to Robin Hood & another massive whale moving 100-Billion tokens to Coinbase.   The move to the centralized exchange of course indicates a potential massive sell-off could happen, and drop the price of $SHIB, while the dump on RobinHood was exactly that.

The Shiba Inu whale that’s buying into the Mollars token presale [see here] on the other hand, they are not cashing out. Instead, this investor is continuing to trade into high potential cryptos looking to expand net worth and overall value.

What is Mollars?

Mollars token is a new store of value token, like Bitcoin, but on a better blockchain.   It’s set to service the Ethereum Blockchain world with ease, with no cross-chaining needed.    Ethereum-blockchain has over 250 million users and is the most widely used block today.

Also, Mollars token will be less costly than Bitcoin to buy, sell, or convert.    It’s projected to cost cryptocurrency investors -80% less than $BTC in transaction fees.

Apart from store-of-value utility, the Mollars token is also more limited than Bitcoin with a total token supply of 10 million.  There are 21 million $BTC that will be minted, with its founder Satoshi Nakamoto holding 1 million for himself; A stash wallet that’s been exposed as of 2024.

Why token prices today go up faster than Bitcoin in 2011

As demand goes upward for Mollars, and the supply becomes depleted, the price will go up.  If branding becomes popular, the token’s price could see growth trends similar to that of Bitcoin in its earlier years, but at a faster pace.  

The world is using crypto today, whereas when Bitcoin started, no one knew what it was nor were there millions of people who completely trusted the crypto concept.   Today, nearly half a billion people use cryptocurrency worldwide, making it far easier for Mollars to find groups of people willing to use the SOV token.

Investor Chooses 58,000 $Mollars over 990-Million $SHIB

The Shiba inu whale that moved $23,000 into the Mollars token presale chose it over 990-Million $SHIB tokens.    That’s the number of SHIB they could have purchased with that same amount of money.  Instead, the presale investor will receive around 58,000 tokens on June 1st, when Mollars launches on crypto exchanges.

To date, three crypto exchanges have announced they will be listing Mollars within the last 2 weeks. This includes XT, LBank, and Bitmart exchanges.   Together, the three exchanges are expected to introduce the Mollars token brand to nearly 20 million crypto traders. is the most recent CEX to confirm a future listing.  

More exchanges are expected to announce listings in the weeks ahead, as the end deadline looms near. Choosing Mollars over Shiba Inu, it’s clear the investor has spotted a major upside to the new Bitcoin rival.

The Mollars token pre-sale ends on June 1st; the beginning of next month.  Over 2.8 million tokens have been sold to date with over 71% of the total tokens allocated for the ICO already sold out.     

$ 1.3 million has been raised in the initial coin offering from various investors.  This Shiba Inu trader has become the biggest investor to the ICO [token presale] that’s recognized by whale followers.