Social voting: An end to divisiveness

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The employed or otherwise supported can afford to vote on social issues alone. The unemployed, liberal as they might be, cannot afford to vote on social issues alone. This second group knows that lower taxes for businesses and corporations would allow for a higher minimum wage that could render retirement more feasible for many Americans.

If the federal government mandated a flat-rate of 15% contingent upon paid or unpaid job training, then competition would soar based on the needs of the unemployed – all because they are the ones in need. As for the first group of people mentioned – the employed among us – they can figure out their fiscal needs and go on functioning as what we might call “limousine liberals.”

LGBT rights would put no dent in a good economy. Otherwise, they would not damage our – somehow – improving economy. If, of course, we recognized LGBT rights through a constitutional amendment – it’s not like the world would come to an end with the supposed collapse of the family unit. This is why I find it so absurd to deny the LGBT community rights that are to be found in the Constitution by virtue of illegal search and seizure or even freedom of speech.

If conservatives could, would – or as they must and should – stop ranting and raving against LGBT rights then they would win with ease each and every vote they would and do need to input their vision of taxation. First of all, they must acknowledge that denying LGBT rights is tantamount to “taxation without representation” and that they behave like the true royalty our country rejected so many centuries ago.

Second of all, liberals must acknowledge that taxes need to be lowered, in part because of the wild demands succumbed to or sought as per pensions. Illinois and New Jersey seem to owe the most. In part, this seems attributable to the collapse of 2008, such that lobbyists for invested retirement accounts might realize the dangers of corporations paying a lower rate without the stipulation I just declared. Of course, I am not POTUS.

Then again, Barack Obama – for all his powers of rhetoric in appealing to that second kind of voter – has become clueless in his own way. Educated at two Ivy League schools, he seems to believe in an absurd notion of God-given talent for livelihood. Math and Science are essential pursuits, yes. But not all Americans will give themselves enough of a chance in part due to math and science – even English teachers – being given tenure for this, that or the other reason.

Start with taxes and then proceed to labor union concerns, all the while stating that LGBT rights do not amount to Armageddon – then, we can save our country from the division caused by social issues. Because, let’s face it, we are a nation divided most of all by unemployment. Voters divided produce divided government and politicians seize upon that to win elections and then do nothing in favor of progress of any kind.