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Shining Info 2019

A shining example of everything you need to know about dating and intimacy in the new millennium.

Shining Info 2019


A shining example of everything you need to know about dating and intimacy in the new millennium.

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First dates in the 21st century

Our planets aren’t in

Mobile Devices damaging relationships

Ten years ago this wouldn’t have been a conversation. Phones weren’t smart phones then, tablets didn’t exist and social media was in its infancy. Now the impact of mobile

Everything You Need To Know About Dating Women In Los Angeles

There is no doubt that Los Angeles is a completely unique city when it comes to dating. There are so many people and so much diversity that it is

The Pros And Cons of Dating In L.A

Los Angeles is a city with a dating scene that ranges between difficult and incredible depending on which people you ask. Yet, the fact is that there are some

Dating: Don’t Tinder if you’re not ready to be tender

Inevitably in life, we have all been in a situation that made us utter “once bitten, twice shy”. It never fails, you go out on the date of your

Victoria Milan says Christmas turns women on

I almost got lost in their Facebook page so I can't imagine how exciting it would be having a profile on Victoria Milan. I agree! About what you ask? All

Dating games

Back in the dark ages before the Internet there was a column at the back of some newspapers titled “personals." This was where people could take out ads selling themselves

Wedding vows and ceremonies don’t come easy

The wedding planning continues despite me praying for all the madness to cease so I can get just one night of sleep without an anxiety nightmare. This week I’ve been

Money: It should buy good customer service

This week I really want to talk about customer service. I work in sales, so customer service is a big part of my job. And bad or even just


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