Dating: Don’t Tinder if you’re not ready to be tender

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Inevitably in life, we have all been in a situation that made us utter “once bitten, twice shy”. It never fails, you go out on the date of your dreams and then realize days later, after he or she doesn’t call, that apparently one’s dream is another’s nightmare. However, after a couple of those, you get a great catch that you open up to, connect with and plan a future with — only to have all of that dashed, with no warning. What to do?

We have always been taught that it is better to wipe ourselves off and get back on the horse, but is it fair to the next horse if you aren’t over the last? Opening ourselves up to a possibility, the chance of a new relationship that could be “the” relationship, makes us vulnerable and that in itself is scary.

However, once your heart has been broken it makes it that much harder. You have to know where you are in your post relationship journey, what you want and what you ultimately need before you can move on the next one. There is nothing wrong with missing the last person that held your hair back while you threw up or the last person that stayed up and watched romcoms with you all night while you were sick, but missing that person should be the last thing on your mind once you’ve decided to move on and snag the next one.

Don’t mess up the possibility of the next “it” thing, by dwelling over the last thing that wasn’t. Nine times out of ten, Mr. Hair Holder isn’t doing the same all while you’re missing out on what could be.

I’ve heard Tinder is great, but be sure you’re ready to be tender with someone once you enter back into the game, post-breakup. Cheers!