Taking Note of a Few Things: The Sick Mind Edition

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Research shows that Viagra can increase a man’s risk of death if taken with common medications for chest pain.  However, research also shows it is helpful when a woman performs CPR while on top of her man. Further proof that as we age, men should avoid the missionary position.

China’s population dropped again last year despite the government ending its one child limit. There are two million fewer Chinese today than a year ago. Coincidentally, there are also two million more Chinese now living in the state of Texas. I guess the state is attractive to more than just Californians.

Donald Trump easily won the Iowa caucuses. When asked why he performed so well there, Trump replied, “It’s the women. They love my caucus. In fact, they all say I have the largest caucus they’ve ever seen. They can’t keep their hands off my caucus.”

My washer and dryer have arrived. After canceling my Home Depot order, I purchased a similar priced set from a local appliance store unaware I was buying a much larger set. The washer is large enough for me to also use as a hot tub. Now I can wash my clothes while soothing my aching muscles at the same time.

It didn’t take Laverne and Shirley long to get used to the indoor life. My days often begin before 4 a.m. when they wake me up. When I sit down for my first cup of coffee, they fall right to sleep. They use the doggy door to poke half a head out to see if it is raining. They also have no problem watching me from the sliding door while I work outside. It’s just a matter of time before they learn to use the washer to soak in while I clean up their indoor messes.

Dogs are a lot like kids in many ways. One has to do with toys. I purchased three toys for the dogs to chew and tug on. They get used, but not as much as I would like to see. However, their favorite toys are the old socks I tied together and the rubber horseshoe they unearthed while digging in the yard.

Shopping for groceries at Safeway (that’s Von’s for those in L.A.) costs an arm and a leg in Chico. However, I found a local pot dispensary that is much cheaper than anything I found in the Ventura area. I just have to make sure I don’t get the munchies or it won’t be long before I am living in a tent outside Safeway.

Scientists have finally figured out what causes people to get the munchies when they use marijuana. Great. Now they will go about creating new strands that curb our appetites and making strands that stimulate it only legal for cancer patients. Science ruins a lot of things.

Have you noticed that radically new treatments for diseases are always tested out on those with the most advanced forms? The logic is simple. If the treatment kills the person, no one is going to sue because the person tested was out of options.

It’s not because I am a whiny liberal that I can’t stand Texas. For as far back as I can remember, I have disliked the state and it all stems with their sports teams, particularly the Dallas Cowboys. It’s why I get a perverse amount of pleasure whenever that team chokes in the playoffs. If they are America’s team, their drought from excellence far surpasses the Great Depression.

Jerry Jones has liver spots older than most Cowboy players. Most pre-date their last Super Bowl team. If Americans have become a nation that lives off of their past then the Cowboys are indeed America’s Team.

The same feeling of pleasure I receive when the Dallas Cowboys bomb is also the way I feel when the Lakers do the same.

It’s Award Shows season. Just like in sports, it seems the entertainment industry has found a way to stretch out their award season by adding more of the same. Do people tune in to watch these shows? I’ve never understood why entertainers need awards when they are paid the sort of salaries they make. To give more adulation to people in the business of needing to be noticed is like injecting free heroin to a drug addict for doing a great job of getting high.

Nikki Haley is proving politicians will say anything to remain in the news, even if it is ignorant, stupid, or in her case, just designed to attract voters who fall into the previous two categories. For her to say this nation is not and never has been racist was calculated to help ease the conscience of voters who actually are.

She might have well have said this nation is not sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, or even Trumpophobic. Her entire campaign is built around the hope the GOP is forced to drop Trump due to multiple convictions. I say multiple because not even the GOP will drop Donny Rapist unless convictions cut into his poll numbers.

While she is at it, Haley might also want to add that this nation abhors wars, embraces economic competition from other nations, and provides the best care for our youngest, oldest, and most in need populations. You see, while she prefers to smile while Trump and DeSantis try to look angry and tough, she is simply glossing over this nation’s darkest marks. She’d probably tell us the Trail of Tears was actually a Native American group hike if it became an issue.

While former President Obama offered voters hope for a better future while not trying to ignore our country’s worst moments, Haley would like you to believe her form of positivity is centered around a past that was created by liberals. She knows the conservative media will embrace her message which feeds the general ignorance of voters who can’t be bothered to learn our history. If voters never learn it, conservatives are able to rewrite it much easier.

No one seems to have noticed how many conservatives have dropped out of the presidential race. This is probably due to no one having noticed they ever entered.

I don’t expect Trump’s MAGAT followers to grasp this, but the rest of you might. Voters who claim they like Trump because he is not part of the establishment in politics might be wise to look at a calendar. Trump joined the fray in 2015 and after nine years in it, his voice is the establishment among conservatives who embrace hate of just about all things that are not white and evangelical.

Evangelicals are nothing more than Satan’s children at play.

I do not fear eternity in Hell nearly as much as being stuck in a room full of evangelicals who bastardize The Bible because they are too lazy or illiterate to know how to rewrite it. It’s no wonder they are a dream fit for a clown like Trump who can’t read or write.

There is a huge difference between living your life as God directs you and living it as your money grabbing mega church directs. God, or being spiritually driven, will help you to think for yourself and guide you toward helping others. Your mega church will tell you what to think, who to hang with, and to make damn sure you part with a big chunk of your money.

Your mega church will tell you to give until it hurts while they spend lavishly on themselves, hide behind tax loopholes, and come calling on you only when they notice your checks have stopped coming in.

This hurts the all too white evangelical crowd, but it needs to be said. JESUS WAS A JEW. He also preached the golden rule rather than tithing.

The golden rule for evangelicals is to do unto those who attend the same church as you and know all others are going to hell.

You can’t send me to hell because I have already spent an eternity in Hemet.

If I had to choose between the two, I’d rather share the company of a spiritual person than one who refers to themself as religious. I find spiritual people are more interested in the totality of me while the religious person cares more about what church I go to. I’ve known plenty of spiritual people of countless religious backgrounds. The ability to accept others based on their actions rather than their beliefs does more good than the other way around.

My parents raised eight kids. We were required to attend church until we left home. I have a brother who has devoted his life to serving God. I am at the other end of the spectrum and want nothing to do with organized religion. The rest of my siblings fall somewhere in between. It just shows you that you can lead a person to your God, but they may find a different one in the process.

I once knew a dyslexic philosopher who pondered if there was a dog.

I was digging in the yard this morning when I stumbled across an 18 inch by 18 inch slab of concrete stamped 1938. My home was built in 1943, so it makes me wonder what the slab was part of. I found a second one next to it that was not stamped. They will both be put to use.

There is no shortage of stuff in my backyard for me to repurpose. I often feel like I am working in a quarry as I keep digging up rocks of all sizes, bark, wood chips, and compost, and even 40 feet of pressure treated 2×4’s. High spots are taken down and low spots are filled in, and while I toil away, Laverne and Shirley remain inside tearing apart anything they can get their teeth on. When I am finished in the yard, we trade places. I clean up their messes and they go about trying to undo my hard work.

The Pope recently stated that sexual pleasure is a gift from God. I can’t help but wonder if this is indeed true, is it wrong to regift it as much as possible?

If sexual pleasure is a gift from God, I am assuming STD’s are the work of Satan. Since a person picks up an STD while enjoying the pleasures of sex, does this mean God and Satan were joining you and your partner in a foursome?

Whose God gets the credit for our enjoyment in sex?

I can’t believe an Atheist is going to be swayed to convert to Catholicism or any other religion based on what the Pope says about sex.

There are a lot of former altar boys who might disagree with the Pope.

Yes, yes, I know, I am going to hell. Tell me something I don’t know.

Budweiser Platinum gets my seal of approval, unless God beat me to the punch. However, Bud Light is rat piss.

Both King Charles and Kate Middleton are hospitalized with separate surgery issues. I only have interest in this since I know a lot about being a royal pain.