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The Health Benefits of Premade Meal Delivery

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There’s a lot that goes into getting and staying healthy. Working out, staying hydrated, self-care, managing our screen time, and of course, proper nutrition. Every day it feels like there’s a new factor we need to be considering in order to stay healthy. It can all feel a little overwhelming to keep track of.

It’s hard to know what we’re really supposed to be doing, and even when we do know it can be hard to do it. Between finding time for work, our families, and friends it’s difficult to focus on the things we need to help keep us healthy.

Nutrition especially can feel overwhelming. There are so many pieces to take into consideration: dietary restrictions, allergies, calorie counts, portion control even how our food is grown. We know it’s important to be intentional about what we put in our bodies, that much is clear.

The tricky part is that nutritional health is not one size fits all. Figuring out healthy meal plans that work for you on your own can be exhausting. Searching out organic sustainable produce, meal planning, portioning, and cooking can take hours each week.

One way to reap the health benefits of a nutritionally balanced diet without all the hassle is prepared meal delivery. Prepared meal delivery makes it easy to be thoughtful and intentional about what you eat with much less effort.

Here are three of the top health benefits of premade meal delivery to consider.

1. Nutrition Tailored to Your Needs

We all want our meals to not only taste great but to also give our bodies the nutrition they need to keep us healthy. Prepared meal delivery services utilize nutritionists and chefs to create meal plans to meet a variety of nutritional and dietary needs.

Whether you’re dairy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian, or vegan there is a prepared meal plan that has been tailored to fit your needs. Meal delivery plans can also be customized to accommodate for food allergies.

While working with restaurants to modify their dishes to accommodate your dietary needs can be fruitless and frustrating, prepared meal services work with you to make sure your meal plan is the right fit. All you have to do is identify your dietary needs and restrictions when setting up your plan and the prepared meal service will do the rest!

2. Portion Control and Tracking

Keeping track of your portion sizes, calories, macro, and micro-nutrients when cooking at home requires a lot of work. Reading every label, weighing produce and protein, and measuring each ingredient can quickly take the joy out of preparing a meal.

Meanwhile, restaurants and fast food joints serve huge portions of food that are high in fat and calories but low in nutritional value. Even if you can find the nutritional values online somewhere, the recommended portion size is often less than half of what they serve you.

Prepared meal delivery takes the guesswork out of portion sizes, and nutrition tracking. With every meal you’ll know exactly what you’re eating, and how much.

3. Organic and Sustainable Food

Sustainable and organic food is really good for our planet, our farmers, and our communities, but even more importantly it’s good for our health. Organic produce is farmed without chemicals or pesticides and that means fewer chemicals and poisons in our food and bodies.

Supporting organic farming also means a serious decrease in the pesticides and chemicals that make their way into our soil and runoff into our local waterways which can affect our health as well.

When choosing a prepared meal delivery service be sure to choose one that offers quality, organic, sustainable, and whenever possible locally harvested produce so that you know exactly what is and isn’t going in your body.

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