The LA Music Scene: How to Get Your Sound Heard

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Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

There is no denying that the LA music scene is thriving. So many great artists have come out of this city from Snoop Dogg to the legendary Cher. It’s safe to say if you’re an LA musician who is looking to make it big, there is a lot of talent to live up to.

So, how can you get your voice heard in an ever-growing scene? Today, we will be discussing exactly that. Here is how you can get your sound heard in LA to help you reach musical success.

Establish Your Image

Your image as an artist is hugely important. You want to ensure that you stand out amongst the crowd and give people a reason why they should give you their attention. Building your brand will help you establish your image, and it also helps your audience feel more connected with you beyond the music. A good place to start is by thinking of what makes you different. Focus on the characteristics and personality traits that make you unique. With some online research, you will be able to find a guide for branding which will help set you off in the right direction.

Play Live Gigs

If you want to make it big in the bustling LA music scene then you’ve got to get yourself out there. Playing live gigs is essential, no matter how big or small the venue may be. Playing live shows is the best way to connect with your audience whilst showing them your personality.

A good basis to start from is by looking at your local music scene. Performing at community gigs can allow you to draw the attention of artists who have a bigger following. If they like your music, they may reach out and ask you to support them on tour. It’s important to note that it’s not just listeners in the crowd, but other respected people in the industry who you may not even realize were there in the first place. There are plenty of ways that you can make your first gig a big hit and it is always wise to ask for the advice of other musicians. Networking is key.

Create Music

Ok, so this one may sound obvious but it’s easy to get caught up in other areas and get distracted from your music. You need to see your music as a business. Listeners want to hear your music and they certainly will grow impatient if they have to wait months between each release. Finding a good recording studio is essential. You want to find a recording space that helps your creativity flow and surround yourself with professionals who can help you develop your skillset.

Luckily, finding a music studio in Los Angeles couldn’t be easier with the help of PIRATE. Their studios have been known to welcome some incredible talent over the years. Their studios have been praised for their sense of community and they have helped many artists to flourish and most importantly make great music. It is well worth checking them out and finding your ideal studio.

Focus On Promotional Outreach

Though social media is a powerful tool, there are also other platforms that you should be looking into to help you promote your music. Music blogs, publications, radio stations, and podcasts all have a following that is hugely interested in discovering new music. Don’t be afraid to reach out to these people and send them your music. It can be a good idea to put together a press release. You don’t want to bore people with minor details, you just need to do enough to grab their attention. Give them your contact details and provide them with the necessary information they need.

Networking is a huge part of this industry and creating a relationship with the right person whether that be a music journalist or a radio DJ, can help propel your music onto the scene. The right contacts can do wonders for your career and help you to get your voice heard in a busy music scene.

Be Present on Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool, and it can help you to build your brand whilst expanding your fanbase on a global scale. It is important to pick the platforms you want to focus on. Instagram is a platform, which has grown in popularity with many successful musicians using it to reach out to fans and promote their music. Choose your platforms and make sure you are posting regularly.

The key to social media is interactivity. You can post a mix of things from upcoming releases to videos of you in the studio. Your fans will enjoy sharing and commenting on your posts and they can help you to build your fanbase even wider. Learn more about social media presence with this complete guide to social media for musicians. Cracking the social media trends can really help to propel your sound on a larger scale so its importance cannot be stressed enough.

Get Your Music on Streaming Platforms

Streaming platforms are a proven strategy for getting your music out there. Not only have they revolutionized the music industry, but they have made it even easier for artists to distribute their tracks on a larger scale. Popular streaming services include Spotify and YouTube. If you can get your music on these platforms or popular playlists, then you have the opportunity to maximize your reach on a grand scale.

Before you try out your music on these streaming sites you want to ensure that your music is good enough. There is no point putting out a track that you aren’t happy with. After all, it only takes one song to grab people’s attention and you want to make sure that one song counts. There are a few ways to get your music distributed onto these platforms, but it takes a lot of research to find the avenue that is right for you. If you want your sound to be heard you’ve got to be willing to put in the work.