The Shift Process: How Angela Ferrari Helps People Reach their Full Potential

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A 2017 study on American spirituality found that over a quarter of people living in the US consider themselves to be ‘spiritual’, but not religious. This opened doors for discussion on what it means to be spiritual, and how spirituality can manifest. Similarly, a recent surge in interest in alternative therapy and relaxation methods has arisen. ASMR videos showcasing Reiki and other light-touch therapy garner millions of views on Youtube. This is an indication of a global shift in coping mechanisms, as well as a reimagination of spirituality. 

Angela Ferrari is an American singer, songwriter, and spiritual teacher. The singer has certifications in in-depth channeling, reiki, and energy work, and uses this to not only enhance her music, but to teach the principles of energy and spiritual healing. Ferrari founded the Shift Process to enlighten and illuminate consumers that are somewhat lost within their lives, and sense that, “there is just got to be something more.” This is very fitting within a global climate of people becoming more aware of their own mental and physical wellbeing. Consumers are now turning to outside sources to help reach their own potential, and find peace and balance in their lives. 

Spiritual Teaching

Ferrari notes that since she was young, she was able to sense the underlying motivations of people’s actions. She now recognizes that this was her natural inclination towards ‘intuition.’ She has now utilized this in her body of work with clients and students that follow her teachings;  revealing ‘blind spots’, and in the process of doing so, allowing them to become their best selves.

The singer is known to incorporate her teachings into her concerts. She does this by creating a musical space to allow listeners to feel the music deeply causing an uplifting sensation within. As a result, her ultimate goals are to create platforms for mass teaching that supports and highlights anxiety and depression. Ferrari notes that these conditions are misunderstood, and frequently dealt within a way that does not heal emotional trauma. Another ambition of Ferrari’s is to, “teach children the fundamentals of emotional balance,” in order to help them “feel safe in their emotions.”

Ferrari also has a book in the works. The book, titled ‘Shift,’ will focus on bringing clarity to the basic principles of how energy works in human lives and how to utilize this to move through subconscious blocks that deny the experience of an abundant life. Ferrari will incorporate her spiritual teachings with practical, grounded knowledge attained from her body of work within the principles of Shift.

The Shift Teachings

Ferrari created Shift as a way of channeling her awareness of straight forward science and deep spiritual healing into a space where she can empower other people. 

Shift encompasses many outlets from elite coaching sessions with Ferrari, online classes, live public speaking events, retreats, and her very own live concert performances. With these outlets, Ferrari hopes to invite people into new understandings of how energy is working in their life, allowing a shift into full potential. 

The singer also notes that her own personal mentors are both Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein. She is particularly fond of the quotation, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” This, she believes, encapsulates Shift and its fundamental beliefs. 

Final Thoughts

As spirituality continues to be explored and diversified, it is interesting to monitor those that participate in it, and contribute to its teaching. Angela Ferrari has developed her own personal philosophy when it comes to spirituality, and is using it to participate with, and empower other people. Ferrari, with the Shift Process, aims to reimagine the lives of her clients, and ensure that they meet their own full potential.