What Are the Most Common Problems of Garage Doors?

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The US market size of garage door installation is projected to be $384.2m and growing at 3.2% in 2022, according to IBISWorld. The growth is being driven by the need to replace malfunctioning or damaged garage doors with modern alternatives that have better security features.

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Here Are The Most Common Problems Associated With Garage Doors That Need To Be Fixed.

The Garage Door Produces Loud Noise

This is a sign of an underlying problem. Rattling sounds could hint at a loose component. Tighten the screws, bolts and nuts and see whether this helps. Squeaking sounds could mean that the rollers are worn out. Try servicing them using a silicone-based lubricant. Popping sounds are often caused by the torsion springs when they get loosened or lose lubrication. If components like torsion springs and rollers need replacement, contact a company that repairs residential and commercial garage doors.

The Garage Door Opens Unevenly

In this case, check if anything has blocked the tracks. Rollers and tracks often get damaged and rusted. Wipe away debris from the tracks regularly. If that doesn’t help, the spring system might be affected. In that case, call a professional to solve the issue.

The Garage Door Moves Too Slowly

Sometimes, the garage door moves at a snail’s pace. Generally, this is a result of dirty tracks or dried-out rollers. Depending on the climate, a garage can dry out quickly or even freeze. This makes it harder for the door to slide up or down the tracks. Wipe the tracks and lubricate the rollers routinely to prevent these problems. If that doesn’t work, seek professional services right away.

The Garage Door Doesn’t Close or Open

Sometimes, your garage door may not respond to any signal you send to it. This can happen due to various reasons. First, check the keypad batteries and remote to see whether they are the root of the problem. If the batteries are doing well, inspect the door opener unit to check whether all the lights are on and functioning. Else a fuse could be down or the motor might be disconnected from the power supply. If there is some major issue, a professional might recommend getting a new garage door in Illinois (IL). Choose an up-to-date model when you buy a new one.

If you have automatic garage door openers that don’t reverse automatically, you must have them fixed or replaced with new reversible openers. This is suggested by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission to prevent young kids from getting trapped under and injured by a closing garage door.