Where to Buy Tickets to the Best Events in L.A.

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Los Angeles, referred to as LA, is a city in Southern California. L.A. is known as the entertainment resources of the world. It’s the center of the countries theatre, film and television industry. It is a growing force in the fashion industry as well.

The city is engrossed in arts and culture, and is home to more than 105 museums, 220 theatres, has more 1,500 theatrical productions yearly. There are lots of events, exhibits, tours, and sporting games that you can get tickets to and attend.

Finding a place to purchase tickets in LA can be tricky. It is hard to know the best location to go for tickets or the best events to attend. Some popular annual events to check out while in L.A. are the Film Festival, AFI Fest, Festival of Books, Abbot Kinney Festival, Hollywood Halloween Carnavale, Hollywood Christmas Parade, Pride Festival, Shorts Fest, and Marathon.

Tickets for events, especially big events such as a concert, or Stanley Cup finals can sell out quickly. It’s important to be careful of ticket scammers trying to rip you off with fake tickets, or upping prices of tickets enormously. Unfortunately, one-third of people who have purchased tickets for events, have purchased from a scalper and approximately 10 percent of people have been a victim of fraudulent tickets.

When getting ready to purchase your tickets, it’s important to use sites that are verified and trusted, such as VIP Concierge. At VIP Conciergeyou have access to all the best events happening around the city. They offer entrée into award shows, movie premieres, celebrity parties, red carpet events, show tickets, television show visits, and A-list events.

Here are tips to consider when looking to purchase tickets to an event:

  • Know the difference between legitimate ticket brokers, and a ticket scalper and scammer.
  • Buy from only trusted ticket vendors. Be careful of scammers trying to create a web address similar to an accredited company.
  • Purchase tickets from a company that provides well-defined details about the terms of their transactions. Ticket sellers should reveal before the purchase the location of the seat in a seating chart.
  • When paying, make sure to use methods that are protected. Credit cards keep a paper trail if the thickets end up not being what you thought you were purchasing. It is an extra layer of protection. If you find you’ve been scammed the credit card company can help return the money.
  • Use your judgment when searching for tickets online. Advertisements will appear for cheap tickets. Many of these tickets will be scams.
  • Know the value of the ticket you are purchasing to make sure you are paying a fair price.
  • If you are concerned that you have purchased fake tickets, you can call the box office and check or do it online.
  • Read the fine print when purchasing tickets, especially if purchased as a gift. Now artists are progressively selling controlled tickets, also known as credit card entry tickets. These tickets require the buyer to present proof of purchase by credit card or photo identification.

If you are excited to get a ticket to your favorite event, or a sports game it is easier to miss the red flags. It’s imperative to know where you are buying your tickets from, and that they are a reputable selling company. Buying direct from the box office, the moment they go online can leave you frustrated. But reputable event ticket sellers, such as VIP Concierge save you some aggravation and can save you money on tickets for the most popular events in the city.