Yasiel Puig to be investigated by MLB for domestic violence

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It’s just been reported by Dylan Hernandez of the Los Angeles Times that Major League Baseball will be investigating Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig for domestic violence.

After the debacle concerning domestic violence experienced by the NFL that involved 33 players in 2013-14, the most notable being Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice and Greg Hardy, both the league (MLB) and the players association gave the commissioner, Ron Manfred, broad powers to investigate and punish players found to be in violation of the MLB domestic violence policy.

According to police reports Puig got into an altercation at a local nightclub in Miami, Florida, where he lives in the off-season.

After Puig allegedly pushed his sister, the bouncer at the club, the Blue Martini, asked the outfielder to leave. Then an altercation took place between Puig and the bouncer that ended with the bouncer getting a “busted lip” and minor facial bruises. Puig had a black eye and “minor bumps and bruises.”

According to the Miami Police Department, Puig said the bouncer got too aggressive and the bouncer said Puig sucker-punched him. No one involved pressed charges. They also said there weren’t any reports of an altercation between Puig and his sister. They consider the case closed.

Yasiel Puig, a Cuban defector, has a history of legal trouble. He was arrested twice in 2013 for reckless driving and the Dodgers expressed “disappointment” with his behavior.

In 2012 Puig and the Dodgers signed a seven-year contract worth $42 million. So far the team has no comment.

Photo by Claudia Gestro