10 Ways to look more attractive on Dating Sites

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In online dating, how you present yourself can make the difference between getting 50 matches and being the guy who’s always swiped left (rejected). Not just on Tinder, but in all dating platforms. If you don’t look your absolute best, expect very few matches and almost no serious dates.

The Internet is full of advice on what you can do to impress others on dating sites. Some will suggest that you fake your profile pic. Others suggest you get a new haircut or a new hairstyle. Well, some of these tips work- -but not all of them. Find out which ones work so that you improve your game on dating sites and probably meet your soul mate.

#1: Show your Smile

Dating sites like match.com have one thing in common. The first thing they share about you to the world is your picture. If you are serious about finding a date, make sure your first impression on people is of you smiling. A good smile can be contagious. And if someone somewhere smiles at seeing your beautiful picture, they’ll probably want to learn more about you.

Not every kind of smile impresses others. It must look natural as if you are genuinely happy about life. People can spot a fake smile with a single look. They will know when your smile looks forced or when it’s simply not attractive.

#2: Men: Feel Free to show your Abs

Ignore the naysayers and take that selfie showing your six pack. Not everyone will be impressed but a lot of women and men love it. According to the CEO of OkCupid, Sam Yagan, pictures of men who share pictures of their abs trend better.

Yagan also notes something surprising. Men don’t have to smile in their pictures if the focus is to show their abs. They’ll still trend even if all they show are ab shots. Men without great abs, unfortunately, have to stick to the first plan. Share your picture dressed but on your best looks. Also, take the photos without your glasses on. Women prefer to look men in the eyes compared to staring at your photos in sunglasses.

#3: Women: Wear Bold Color Clothes

Never underestimate the impact the color of your dress can have. Many men find women dressed in red to be more beautiful compared to when they are dressed in beige. Pink, white, black and several other bold colors also impress men but red and pink stand out the most.

Another thing, show some cleavage if you are comfortable with it. You don’t need any study to know this, but men get your attention quicker if share some skin. A study by students from Texas and London showed that showing your cleavage has a 79% better impact for women in their 30s and a 24% impact for women in their 20s.

Don’t share a lot of skin though. You’ll attract lots of perverts and very few people interested in a genuine relationship. Only share enough to impress potential dates and focus more of your time in your profile information.

#4: Say you are on a Trip

Olivia Abramowitz, the former VP of marketing at Hinge.com, says that men get more likes on the app if they say they are on a vacation. Saying you’re on a ship earns you 69% more likes. A picture on the beachside earns 29% more likes. What you can’t do though is to share your pics while naked. You’ll get 80% fewer likes.

The goal is to grab the attention of men or women on dating sites. It doesn’t matter if you are currently on a boat. Have people’s attention and let your profile do the rest for you. Of course, that means you need a profile bio that portrays you as intelligent, fun, sociable and loving.

#5: Practice Honesty

Besides your smile and confidence, both women and men are attracted to honest people. On the dating site Zoosk.com, honesty is the most mentioned word by people as they describe what they are after. You may think it’s funny to exaggerate about yourself, but it won’t get you far.

A lot of dates between people who met on dating sites don’t go beyond the second date. The reason? Most people lie about themselves. When you finally meet with them on a real date, you’re surprised by what you find. Be open about yourself or others as you chat with them. Be friendly and approachable. Just don’t get into the habit of lying.

#6: Add more Photos

Your first picture sharing your smile may impress people. But what do they do if they want to see more pictures about you? Share lots of pictures about yourself. Share one while you are on the beach. Have another while out having fun. Add more until you feel they are enough.

Match.com, the oldest and one of the best dating sites, makes it very easy to share your pics. You can share up to 10 pics, but they recommend a maximum of four. The problem with sharing too many photos is that some may not be as good. Find out how to impress and get a match.comdate fast on this review.

#7: Extra Tips

If you naturally don’t take pictures smiling, there are multiple other ways to impress on dating sites. Some dating site researchers did a survey on the types of facial expressions that attract chats and a lot of things surfaced.

If you tend to squint your eyes slightly while taking photos, don’t worry. It might just be what some people find attractive in you. Some also look better when they accentuate their jawline to be more visible on one side.

To Conclude

With a few tricks, you can look the best you can be on dating sites and find a match fast. Simply don’t try to fake it. Look natural and post your best pics. Put on a smile or show your abs if you want to. Tell a beautiful story about yourself and share what you expect from others. Be bold when chatting and always be honest. Dating online will be a success for you.