2017: the Year of the Headache

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My head hurts.  I wish I could blame it all on the election  of Donald Trump, but he is not the only cause for the throbbing this year has caused my head to feel.  Anyway, since this year is nearly finished, I thought I would look at the major causes of my distress.

  • Trump:
  • Maybe he wasn’t number one in the eyes of Time magazine, but he does win my headache of the year.  And like most migraines, I just want the dude to go away and stay away.  I was never a fan of Bill Clinton the person, but I can think of a couple of things he actually accomplished that helped this nation and even though I never voted for him, I understand why people did.  I can’t say the same for Trump.  He is beyond a national embarrassment.  He is a reflection of just how low we have sunk as a nation. Whoever,replaces him in 2020 has a lot of healing to do both at home and abroad.
  • Here’s a GQ look: Roy Moore waving a gun at a campaign rally (YouTube)

    Roy Moore:

  • Let me make this perfectly clear, I AM NOT RELATED TO ROY MOORE! While Trump was a migraine, Roy was more of a dull pain that hung around too long. Worse, he is not planning to go away because he enjoys the spotlight and there are enough idiots out there who believe his BS. He serves as a perfect example why religion and politics mixed with a pervert don’t mix.
  • The GOP:
  • I know, you think this entire column is me picking on Republicans. I am not, but they have had one hell of a year, you have to admit. After a year in control of all of government, the only thing they can pass, other than gas, is a tax bill that most have not read, but what they do know is it trickles down from the rich to, well, no one else. The majority of voters hate it. The majority of experts say it is a horrific piece of legislation. Still, a majority of the GOP don’t care because they figure they are going to take this country down when they are voted out next year so why not make the people who can use them as well paid lobbyists happy when they go job hunting in another year.
  • Gropers/Rapists/Pervs:
  • Thanks a bunch. There seems to be no end to the men in high places who have made it so all men are now viewed as sick people who view women as less than human. I wonder if this behavior would have gone on for so long if we just chopped off the offending appendage whenever misconduct is proven. How long before a Matt Lauer or Harvey Weinstein decides to cash in on their fall from grace by writing a book and getting networks to engage in a bidding war to be the first to interview them?
  • Hillary Clinton (YouTube)

    Hillary Clinton:

  • Okay, so she is not a groper, but she was still rewarded quite well to write a book in which she explains every reason under the sun why she lost the election to Trump except for the one she cannot fathom; voters just did not like her. It may only be my opinion, but I think if she had won, this country would still be embroiled in constant political controversy, an FBI investigation, and international problems up the yin yang.
  • Jerry Brown:
  •  I agree with my governor that global warming is a major issue and a big reason why we have had such extreme weather related problems. California’s drought has created a situation where we live in a constant state of fire danger.  So what does Jerry do?  He convinces voters we needed a $68.4 billion dollar train that will never be completed on time or travel at the speed we were led to believe. However, that same amount of money could have created the greatest fleet of modified jets, bombers, planes, and helicopters to fight the infernos that destroy communities across the state. But then, who cares if we breathe ash just as long as we can get from L.A. to S.F. in a few hours?
  • Blockbuster Movies:
  •  It seems to me, there was a time in which once or twice a year an actual blockbuster film was released. Now it seems to be a weekly event. I am not sure Hollywood, or the general public for that matter, understands what is meant by the phrase. What I do know is, I no longer know what is considered a great must see film and what is a dud. It might explain why I have not gone to the movies since last Christmas.
  • FOX News:
  •  Fortunately, this is a headache I got rid of. I used to watch it periodically to get a different perspective on events, but I have handed over the TV remote to my wife so I can’t even tell you what channel it is on. Still, I followed it on Facebook until this summer when I just couldn’t handle how stupid the network personalities had become. However, I still find it annoying to walk into waiting rooms or other public places and see the network on. I figure these places might as well hang a sign on their door saying they don’t want customers who are black, female, LGBT, Muslim, or intelligent.
  • Jared Goff of the Los Angeles Rams (Claudia Gestro)

    Safer Football:

  •  This is an oxymoron and only a moron thinks football can be made safer while each year players keep getting bigger, faster, and more violent. Human bodies are not the same as cars. While automobiles can be built to be safer when involved in a collision, the body can’t. Besides head injuries, we forget the horrific injuries to other parts of the body, many of which end players’ careers and leave them handicapped for the rest of their painful lives. Let’s just accept the fact the game is violent and this is why Americans love it. A player will die from a hit long before a safe helmet is ever created.
  • Electronics:
  •  I recently parted ways with my old electric football set, a set that first belonged to my oldest brother and was older than me. Today’s kids have no use for a game like it. They aren’t even allowed to play outside anymore because heaven forbid, they might fall and skin their knee. Hand held electronic devices have created a nation of Pillsbury Dough Boys and Girls who will grow up to be a nightmare for the national health care system. This is what you get when you raise your child on these damn things because mom and dad can’t be bothered to go out and play with their kids.  Worse, they are too self-absorbed to know their own neighbors so streets sit empty while kids play games online with people they will never meet. Maybe it is a safer way to raise a child but it sure isn’t healthier.

I realize writing about my headaches has only served to give me a headache. Time I go hit the medicine cabinet and see if I can find something to get rid of it. I’d hate to see these headaches spill over into next year.