4 Things to Consider While Planning a Church Wedding

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Photo by Sandy Torchon from Pexels

Saying ‘I do’ is one of the biggest moments of your life. And, the most profound way to celebrate your commitment to each other is in a church. The architectural beauty of a few churches in Houston TX can serve as a wonderful backdrop for the ceremony. Prophetic churches of Houston like Omega Fire Ministries International believe that the steps of a good man are ordered by God and involving Him in every activity lifts us in the name of Jesus.

However, to conduct a church wedding, you need to follow a few guidelines. This will make sure the ceremony is everything you dreamt of.

1. Date and Location

If you want a grand wedding, you must consider checking out some of the largest churches in Houston in terms of interior décor and grandeur. Even if you want the ceremony to be short, with only the wedding highlights, do consider one with aesthetic appeal. A great backdrop can add on to the beauty of your big day and make for wonderful photographs. Keep in mind the accessibility needs of your guests when choosing a church.

Talk to the priests to know which date and time the choir and High Mass are available, in case yours is a formal wedding. The event should be completed during Advent or Lent. Try your best to book on a weekend if your invitee list is large.

2. Church Formalities

In case you or someone you know is a member of churches in Houston, TX, there may be no paperwork involved. If not, you may be required to fulfill certain formalities. Therefore, once you’ve found the perfect church, contact the main office. Explore the ceremony structure, marriage requirements and documents to be shown. These may include baptism certificate and communion proof. You might also have to meet the pastor beforehand and confirm your faith.

3. Décor and Music

A few of the best churches in Houston will want to preserve their natural setting and not allow any decorations. The good news is that the setting may be just perfect for a wedding. There are other churches that let you build an arch over the altar, put up custom signboards and fill the aisle with bows and flowers. In fact, you can also hire your own musicians and choose a processional and recessional playlist. There are no boundaries that limit you to the church’s instrumentalists or event planners. However, before doing all of these, make sure to check out the restrictions to have the ceremony just the way you desire.

4. Church Availability

Before fixing a date and sending out invites, check with the church’s calendar. Be it weddings or birthday masses, most nondenominational churches in Houston TX are very popular. Therefore, try to book your dates at least 7-8 months in advance. You can consider the holiday season since most churches will have stunning décor already, making your marriage even more festive.

Keep these important points in mind and you will have an amazing wedding ceremony that will become the talk of the town.