5 Different Style Ideas For Your First Rave  

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Image by Pexels from Pixabay

If you plan and want to rave and spend all the late and early hours on it, and you don’t know what you should wear in the rave, don’t worry, we’ve mixed and found the best for you to be comfortable in. Raves are for you to enjoy and just get yourself lost in, enjoying the neon lights, and dancing all night to the DJ’s best beat and rhythms in immersive flashing strobes. Neon and sports athleisure have characterized the rave scene since the 1990s birthed acid house culture. Some of the style ideas are listed below to assist you in making the decision from your vast array of clothes.

Neon Vibes

Raves are the best reason for you to go wearing all those neon strobe colors and not a single soul will judge your outfit – with this look, bring back the 90s acid house. Right down to the neon eyeshadow from the clunky buffalos. Stretchy bodycon are always a right and the best rave fit. You can also match it with the animal prints which are so on the trend right now.

Cycling/Crop Combo

Today’s favorite combo – a crop top and cycling shorts with thigh high socks is practically designed for raving. You can also go around wearing straps around the belly, you’ll be able to dance the night away and stay calm. Of course, accessorized by fitness giant Adidas with a helpful fanny pack and stylish sneakers can also be selected.

Utility-Wear Wave

Using some of the cargo pants with fire prints and matching shoes to make the most of utility-wear trends. The beige will be broken up by a splash of neon which is one of the best trends right now. There’s nothing quite as worse as emerging from a humid cave into the freezing weather of the United Kingdom without armor. Don’t forget a waterproof hoodie, too.

Comfortable Camouflage

Another short cycling combo with an oversized tee with high thigh socks is also the best option as seen on Instagram. This & Other Stories version’s mesh fabric not only looks good; it will keep you cool too. When paired with a top that is fully oversized on you, underpin with a couple of cycling shorts – you’ll be shocked on how good these will look on you.

No Jeans

Jeans don’t give a lot of space for those moves to bust, so stick to anything that encourages those limbs to shake. Raves, however, are non-judgmental zones, so if you want to wear jeans, don’t worry, nobody’s going to judge you. It’s a rave, not a fashion week, remember. Raves are your chance, no matter how wacky, to wear whatever you want.

Additional Tips

  • To keep you going all night, you’ll need a bum bag full of all the necessary elements.
  • Bring a portable phone charger with you because by taking all those images, you can certainly use up your battery.
  • It’s super important to keep your phone completely charged because you don’t want to miss your buddies.
  • A lot of people, too, bring ear plugs.
  • These protect your ears, but still, allow you to experience the music.
  • You might want to carry a fan if heat is an issue.

Right now, couldn’t be a better time to go raving, both sports-luxe AND neon tones are at the forefront of fashion. Going to cut any shapes is a perfect excuse. The biggest rule of style you need to understand is that comfort is important – you’re not going to see anyone in high heels. Practicality first, i.e. hands-free bum bags and cushioned wedge trainers.