5 Efficient Ways to Stay Mentally Sharp

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The brain is made of 86 billion neurons, known as the gray matter. It plays a major part in decision making, memory, reasoning, emotions, and much more. However, a poor diet, insufficient sleep, prolonged stress, and hectic life can all impact cognitive functions. In addition, as we age, our cognitive functioning tends to decline. However, to stay ahead in an intensely competitive world, both students and professionals need an active and alert brain.

Brain pills are known to increase memory, focus, and concentration while enhancing overall brain health, say experts at Avanse Nutraceuticals, manufacturer of the top brain booster pills, LumUltra.

Take a look at what you can do, apart from consuming the best brain supplements, to remain mentally sharp and alert. But consult a doctor before taking any supplements.

1.    Brain Support Supplements

Brain medicines empower brain functions and offer long-term cognitive health benefits. Along with regular exercise and good nutrition, including the best-rated brain-boosting supplements, can definitely help. Neuroignite and Noocube work to enhance focus and concentration, being made from powerful herbs that do not have any adverse side effects. LumUltra is another top brain booster pill, which not only enhances cognitive function but also minimizes the effects of aging on the brain by altering damage by free radicals.

2.    Meditation and Yoga

Deep breathing exercises can help lower anxiety and restlessness, which is quite common amidst the ongoing pandemic. Practicing this every day for at least 15-20 minutes will increase the oxygen flow to the brain. In fact, it can also promote the growth of new brain cells and regulate emotional responses. Along with the best brain supplements, yoga and meditation can help minimize enhance concentration and alertness, while lowering nervousness and replacing low mood with positivity.

3.    Brain Boosting Diet

The best-rated brain-boosting supplements will work even better when paired with a nutritious, well-balanced diet. So, include whole grains, seeds and nuts, olive oil, vegetables and moderate amounts of dairy and fish and lean meat in your daily diet. Nuts like almonds and pecans can stimulate brain frequencies to expand specific functions. These can induce healing, learning, thinking, and reasoning effectively. Include citrus fruits like blueberries and grapes, to prevent free radicals from damaging the brain cells.

4.    Exercise Your Brain

Along with consuming the top brain booster pills, pick up a brain-boosting hobby. This could be coding, learning a new language, solving word puzzles, playing chess or practicing a musical instrument. Consider reading books and solving Rubik’s cubes in your free time. You can also try brain training games, which are available through various apps and websites, to help you improve your IQ.

5.    Socialize More Often

Times are tough and we are still home quarantined. But make sure to catch up with your friends over virtual coffee dates and meets. Once the pandemic is under control, sign up for volunteering, workshops, food walks, and photo walks. These are fun events that keep your brain active, lowering the impact of a sedentary life. Interacting with others can help memory and prevent neurodegenerative diseases as well.

High productivity and focus are key components of a sharp brain. Brain supplements can reduce mental fatigue and lower blood sugar levels, which help the organ function better. Make sure to have a well-rested body to maximize the effects.

Feature Photo by Luis Fernandes from Pexels