5 Ways to Transform Your Garage into a Party Space

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Are you worried that you won’t have enough space for your guests at your kid’s birthday party? Don’t worry, you can transform your garage into the perfect party space. And, throwing a party in your garage means that there are no worries about the weather, which is a constant worry in Illinois.

Garage doors are emerging as the focal point of home exteriors. Properly functioning doors are essential for the security and for ease of parking, says an expert from J&J Garage Door and Electric Openers, the best garage door repair service in Lake Zurich.

Here are some ways you can turn your garage into a party destination.

How to Transform Your Garage into a Party Venue

1.   Remove unwanted boxes

People generally store their old and dusty boxes in the garage, which attracts pests and gathers dust and dirt. Instead of hoarding what is basically junk, get rid of these dirty boxes to make some space for guests. You can either donate these things or just dump them.

2.   Clean the floor

Does your garage have oil and grease stains all over the floor? Surely, you can’t invite your friends and family to this greasy hell. Check out floor cleaners that can help you remove grease and other tough stains to get a spotless floor. You can also upgrade the look by painting it using stencils, using epoxy floor coating or concrete paint. For adding an extra element, you can also use sparkles and color flakes.

3.   Get creative and decorate

The most important thing for creating a festive environment is the decoration. You can use wall papers, wall hangings, balloons and ribbons to make it appealing. Choose various bright colors, nobody likes a dull party room. Throw some colorful rugs and pillows, and don’t forget to add some side tables for people to keep their drinks and plates.

4.   Use foldable furniture

It is important that you have enough space in your garage for your guests to move around freely. Use folding furniture so that you can make more space, whenever needed. Put colorful tablecloths over folding tables and arrange the chairs into groups.  Moreover, you can stack the folding furniture when you are not using the garage as a party space.

5.   Install lights and music system

Two of the most important things for a party are the lights and the music, other than the food and drinks, of course! You can use DIY lamps or twinkling fairy lights to set up the mood for party. Choose the music beforehand and download into a playlist. So, make sure you have good speakers which bring out the dancers in your guests!  And to keep all this safe, make sure you get the garage door checked by a reputed garage door installation and repair service, such as those available in Palatine, Elgin, Deerfield and other parts of Illinois.

So, go ahead and plan the perfect birthday party, and don’t forget to get your garage door checked by experienced professionals, such as those in Mount Prospect, McHenry, Cary, Arlington Heights, and Buffalo Grove.