7 Shopping Tips to Buy a Mattress in 2021

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Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

Buying a mattress is pretty simple; however, getting the right one can take experience. Unfortunately, not everyone gets the chance to purchase multiple mattresses in their lives, so most people need to get it right the first time.

To buy the right mattress for you, getting ready before your purchase is vital. Moreover, you need to be prepared to do some things to get hold of the best deals for you. To help you, below are seven shopping tips you can do when buying a mattress in 2021.

Know What You Want

Before going to any mattress store, make sure you have a list of features that you want and don’t want in your mattress. That way, you can narrow down your choices, and it will be easier for sales assistants to provide the best mattress options based on your preferences.

Start by listing down what makes your sleep uncomfortable. For example, is your current mattress too soft to provide back support? Then, list down what you think would make you sleep more comfortably. Of course, it can be about something as simple as height, temperature, or size.

Research the Pros and Cons of Each Mattress Type

Acquire as much information as you can on the various mattress types and their associated benefits and drawbacks. Doing this can help you identify what types qualify in meeting your sleeping needs.

Moreover, not only will researching help you find the best type for you, but it will also help you recognize and get out of schemes that might attempt to advertise items falsely. This tip is especially crucial among first-time buyers who are at the most risk of getting deceived.

Ask for Time Alone

Sales assistants are tasked to greet customers and ensure that their questions and needs are met. However, their proximity can be uncomfortable, and often, their presence can pressure and negatively affect customer decisions.

If you’re the type that feels awkward with them around, don’t be shy to ask for time alone to explore your options. This measure should help make a more relaxing state of mind for your decision-making. Besides, you can always call them back if questions arise on your end.

Lie Down to Test Mattresses

Although having assistance to describe features is plenty helpful, simply hearing that a mattress has your desired traits is not enough. The best way to find out whether an option is satisfactory is to get a feel for it. In other words, lie down to test mattresses if the store allows it. Doing this gives you a preview of what it might feel like during sleep.

Some stores also offer trial periods, where customers are given limited time to ask for returns or replacements after purchasing a mattress. You can take advantage of this period so you don’t get stuck with the wrong mattress, in case you observe it negatively affects your sleep.

Don’t Be Pressured to Buy a New Box Spring

Sometimes, mattress stores might require you to purchase a paired box spring to avail of the full warranty of a mattress. Box springs typically cost over $100, but if you can afford and need a new one, you can pursue the purchase.

However, if your current box spring still works fine, don’t be pressured to take the deal. You can always find other options that offer similar or even better bargains. You just need to ensure that your box spring’s condition does not cause early damage to your new mattress.

Ask for Possible Discounts

Often, stores have hidden discounts that they don’t announce or coupons you might not know. Before finalizing your purchase, ask the cashier if you meet any requirements that could qualify for deductions and help you save a few dollars.

Besides that, you can also try to haggle for a lower price. This attempt might not work in places with fixed prices like warehouse clubs, but many customers have found themselves lucky in retailers. Test your luck and simply say a price lower than what’s displayed and find a middle ground that you and the seller can agree on.

Learn the Terms of Returns and Warranties

When mattress stores offer returns, replacements, refunds, or warranties, you need to study the terms that qualify you to avail of them. You also need to know about the depreciation of your mattress and how coverage can decrease over time.

This way, you can exercise your privilege if you find your mattress has factory issues or it gets damaged during use. Learning about the terms also keeps you informed about the limits of what you are entitled to so you don’t expect too much out of the warranty.


Having a mattress equipped with the right features is necessary to provide the best comfort for sleep. However, obstacles during shopping can sabotage your selection. Hence, it is essential to stay informed and prepared of the do’s that you need to carry out while shopping for a new mattress in 2021.