A brief on entrepreneurship training programs for doctors and physicians

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The advent of the internet has changed the way the world moves today. It has made businesses redundant, it has outdated trends, and it has given rise to the scope for an array of businesses. There was a time when doctors and physicians could either choose to practice their medical degree or leave it aside for the sake of pursuing their dreams of setting up a business. The conditions seem to have changed.

Doctors, physicians, veterinaries and the students of medicine are now identifying innovative ideas and transforming those identified ideas into applications, products, services, and other business opportunities. This new trend of medical entrepreneurs seem to be rising across countries, so much so that some companies and organizations offer entrepreneurship training programs for doctors, networking opportunities, mentoring and coaching, as well as special doctors and physicians mortgage loan programs.

Physicians as entrepreneurs

There are certain inherent characteristics of doctors that reflect their potential of becoming successful entrepreneurs. Doctors are in a profession where uncertainty is an indispensable part. So is the nature of entrepreneurship. The level of research and constant experimentation is similar in both fields. Being curious, observing, connecting the dots, and recognizing patterns are common for doctors as well as entrepreneurs. Doctors need to be prompt decision-makers because they are placed right in the middle of life and death. Entrepreneurs also have to decide when it is the right time to let go.

Entrepreneurship program for physicians

The entrepreneurship programs to train ‘doctorpreneurs’ have a number of features. They can be summarized as below:

  • Such training provides mentoring and coaching in various fields such as law, finance, human resource management, marketing and promotion, technological expertise and so on. These mentors are primarily faculty members of international schools and universities.
  • These programs act as a platform for networking. Industry experts, corporates, and investors deliver guest speeches, listen to your ideas, and if you have an idea that is convincing enough, you might end up finding an investor that not only finances your struggling phase but also guides you throughout the process of establishing in the market.
  • Interested students can also participate in educational sessions wherein one can learn new skills and enhance existing ones. Such sessions can be conducted with the aid of various means such as webinars, video conferencing, and other e-learning methods.
  • Such programs also conduct local as well as national level events that help one meet new like-minded people and other stakeholders.
  • A detailed course on developing, brushing and enhancing entrepreneurial skills is again, a crucial part of such programs. They guide the participants in taking their ideas forward, checking the feasibility, training how to launch the product or service and the aftermath.

Entrepreneurship programs offer a great service of nurturing the talent and capabilities of young doctors that has the potential of converting into successful doctorpreneurs of tomorrow. With expert advice, mentoring from field experts and networking opportunities, these training programs can help the new generation in making their dreams, a reality.