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Ahmed Nashaat – Reasons to Want Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz 2

Last week was set to be one of the most exciting fights of the year, myself and my buddy Ahmed Nashaat had been preparing for it all week, we got some snacks in, made sure we had no plans and settled in to watch Nate Diaz take on Jorge Masvidal. Unfortunately, however, things didn’t quite play out as we had hoped and the fight was stopped ahead of the 4th round after Diaz got a nasty cut. The doctor was probably right to stop the fight, but with Diaz ready to push on, it feels like we were robbed. The UFC should put on a rematch and here is why.

Late Bloomer

Whist Masvidal is ranked higher than Diaz and he clearly won all 3 of those rounds which the two did fight, Diaz is known for coming on strong towards the later rounds. There is no doubt in my mind that there would have been blood and thunder in rounds 4 and 5, and Masvidal may well have still gone on to win. With a Nate Diaz knowing that he had lost 3 rounds, however, he’d have brought his A-game in rounds 4 and 5 to look for the knockout blow.


Both of these fighters can take an incredible amount of punishment and they are by far and away two of the most exciting fighters in the game. Masvidal may wish to get himself a title shot against Usman or Covington after we see who wins that fight in December, but there is certainly time for a January rematch with Diaz ahead of a title shot in perhaps April or May. Masvidal understands the need to create a legacy and whilst the belt is important, he’ll feel that he has unfinished business with Diaz. Ultimately the UFC always tries to put on fights that entertain and pits the best against the best, this fight falls squarely into that category and both men know it.


Unlike boxing, it is the organization, which picks who will fight who, and not the fighters themselves. This, however, is something which they have to take into account given the fact that both Masvidal and Diaz have openly stated that they want to run the fight back given how it finished. This was supposed to prove who was the baddest in the game, yet neither really got the chance to prove it, the UFC have to listen to the fighters and give them that opportunity.


Without Connor Mcgregor bringing big numbers to the UFC pay per view, the sport needs to look after people like Masvidal and Diaz who brought in an enormous audience for their fight last week. Covington and Usman are the champion and number one contender, and they won’t even get close to what Nate and Jorge brought in.

Simply put the UFC and Dana White have to get these two beasts of the ring back in for another fight.

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