All the Rage Men’s Bracelets to Instantly Elevate Your Look

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A bracelet is the manliest out of all men’s jewelry items since strong hands and muscular arms have always been the main personification of male power. Man’s hands are always on display whether it is a business meeting where you have to emotionally gesticulate, or a romantic date when you squeeze her hand in yours. For any guy, it is vital to be able to emphasize the beauty of his hands and their strength. The easiest way to do it is to find a spot-on bracelet.

Contrary to popular belief, men’s bracelets are not only made of gold and silver. Today, you can find a truckload of leather, rubber, metal, ceramic, fabric, and hemp models. Anyone who thinks that bracelets are for subculture followers and youngsters can’t be more wrong. The choice of men’s jewelry is so impressive that anyone, from a musician to an office clerk, can pick a suitable option. A well-chosen bracelet can add some gloss and chic to a male image.

Normally, men’s bracelets fit snugly around the wrist and do not dangle unlike models for women. To find out the right bracelet size, just wrap a thread around your wrist and measure it. Add about 0.5” if you’d like a looser fit. Now you know your size.

When it comes to men’s jewelry, it is distinguished by a dark color scheme and a unique “male” design. It implies large links, concise decorative details, and, of course, convenience. Most of the men’s bracelets are made of black, brown, dark blue and green colors to fit a wardrobe for any regular guy.

Rubber Bracelets

If you prefer the casual everyday style, you will enjoy rubber bracelets with metal inserts. Such items look appealing and stylish. A simple but interesting design combines a classic black color with a metallic sheen of steel. With such a bracelet, even a 17-year-old teenager will turn into a macho.

Leather Bracelets

If you gravitate towards intriguing yet thoughtful details, bracelets made of leather threads adorned with silver skulls, lions, eagles, etc. will become a highlight of your image. These intricate designs attract bold and extraordinary individuals who live to shock, surprise, and outrage. You can flaunt several such pieces at once to turn your style appeal up to eleven. Although cross, dragon, and skull bracelets for men are popular among bikers and metalheads, they are available for everyone who appreciates leftfield jewelry.

Leather bracelets that look like mini versions of leather belts are all the rage these days. Just like their larger counterpart, such bracelets feature a metal buckle and are made of either leather or suede.

Shambala Bracelets

One of the most popular men’s models, for the time being, are so-called Shambala bracelets. Shambala fashion came to us straight from the Himalayas. These beaded bracelets are worn like amulets. Beads can be made of stones (agate, jasper, etc.), wood, and other natural materials. Shamballa bracelets are comfortable and practically weightless when worn. You cannot deny it is much more pleasant to flaunt a bracelet when you know that it is not just an ornament but a real talisman designed to bring good luck.