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Amani Alshehhi: A Professional Book Reviewer  

It is important for everyone to make sure they continue to work to expand their knowledge base. One of the ways that people can do this is through reading on a regular basis. While many people are forced to read as a kid, this is not the case for Amani Alshehhi. Amani Alshehhi has been in love with reading since the age of ten. Therefore, she decided to read willingly to expand her own foundation of knowledge. Today, she is renowned as a radio presented and program director at the Sharjah Broadcasting Authority. While she never thought she would make a career out of reading, she is happy that she has been able to turn her passion into a full-time job.

Amani Alshehhi

Amani Alshehhi is a professional book reviewer and she credits her father for her success. He instilled a love of reading in her. She states that she has traveled to many countries and always tried to buy books while she was there. She says that this was a great way for her to add to her father’s collection of books. The books that she bought would eventually act as a gateway to that country’s culture. That is one of the ways that Amani Alshehhi has learned so much about the world. Eventually, the collection of books owned by her father ended up becoming a public library, which is a tremendous accomplishment.

Today, Amani Alshehhi simply tries to share her love of reading with everyone else. While she tries to provide objective, unbiased opinions regarding the books that she reads, she notes that she does have a favorite. There is something special about the Harry Potter series. This iconic book series by JK Rowling, which went on to become a successful movie franchise as well, is loved by people all over the world. Therefore, it is safe to say that Amani Alshehhi is not alone when it comes to her love of Harry Potter!

Now, Amani Alshehhi is proud of the amount of knowledge she has amassed when it comes to reading. As she says, reading is a very beautiful thing and she gets this from her father. She tries to be a leader in this world through the knowledge that she has gathered through her love of reading. When she reviews books, she looks for several common themes. She wants to look at the development of the characters in the books. She looks at the way the story evolves. Then, she wants to look at the lessons the book has to teach.

Amani Alshehhi is excited to share her love of reading with the rest of the world. She has made a career out of her love of books and it will be exciting to see which book she reviews next. Without a doubt, it will be a book that is loved by people everywhere.

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