Arie Eric De Jong – How Environmental Services Have Helped During Covid

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Throughout the pandemic, we have seen a number of individuals and businesses stepping up and helping with the effort against Covid-19. This has included businesses from all sectors and in particular, we have seen many environmental services looking to support. Arie Eric de Jong is in environmental services and from the beginning of the pandemic and then into the first reopening, his firm has been on hand to support so many businesses. Through their hard work and their expertise, these companies have actually been critical in the reopening process in particular, and here is exactly how they have been able to help and support.

Cleaning Services

As businesses both stayed open and reopened, there was a huge call for high-quality and deep cleaning services. The issue here however is that everything had to be perfect so as to minimize the virus, and that meant that the standard cleaning companies weren’t enough to give businesses the deep level of cleaning which they required. It is here where the environmental services stepped in, who were able to use their own knowledge and chemicals to offer the best quality of cleaning, which thus gave customers the confidence to once again use those businesses.

Not only have the environmental services been cleaning businesses, but they have also been on the street with cleaning operations too.


Given that so many businesses had no idea how to operate with this virus around, it made sense that they reached out for support to companies that knew more about it than they did. Again we see the environmental services here, stepping up and offering a consultancy service to those businesses which needed advice on reopening and on how they could set up the business so as to offer the safest environment for their clients and customers.

Hospital Support

Some of the most work and the bravest work which these men and women have carried out has been in hospitals, which of course has been the front line of the pandemic. Environmental services have helped with the cleaning of goods and equipment in the hospital and they have also contributed greatly towards the removal and safe storage of bodies. This wouldn’t usually fall under the remit of such a service but because of the fact that the hospital shave been short-staffed because of Covid, these services have been able to step in and offer the necessary support which has helped out so many.

Ultimately this has been a heroic effort from so many and companies within the environmental services industry have been absolutely exemplary in how they have helped and supported. These businesses continue to do this great work as we begin to reopen and in many cases, we would not have been able to reopen as safely without them.

Much like the rest of those who have helped so much, these are the kind of businesses that do deserve enormous praise and our absolute respect.