Art Walk at the Brewery Arts Complex

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The Brewery Arts Complex held their bi-annual Art Walk this past weekend. Known for being the world’s largest Arts Complex, it houses over 500 artists, the majority of which opened their studios to show their work.

Patrons came from all over Los Angeles to see the art and take part in the festivities.

The Bridge at the Brewery Arts Complex
The Bridge at the Brewery Arts Complex

Built in 1903, The Brewery began as an Edison Steam Power Plant that was later converted into a Pabst Blue Ribbon brewery. It was later converted into a colony for artists. For over 3 years, the Brewery has opened its studios biannually to the public.

A maze of warehouses, winding staircases, smoke stacks, and freight elevators, The Brewery is an easy place to get lost in.

Art was purchased, beers were consumed, and non-Brewery Residents were able to meet the artists where they work and live.

The most surprising thing to most people coming to the Brewery for the first time is how different each loft is inside. Each loft has its own unique personality, and stepping into a loft is like stepping into an alternate universe.  Photography, sculpture, performance art, and painting are just a few of the creative outlets used by the residents to express their vision.

1 Reduction Linocuts by Dave LefnerDave Lefner displayed his famed paintings and linocuts of vintage Los Angeles signs.

2 Mixed Media by Franz SzonyFranz Szony showcased his fantastical ‘photographic paintings’ in his decadent loft.

3 Paintings and Craft Works by Patricia LucasPatricia Lucas displayed her intricate paintings and craft works.

4 Barbodite by Wyatt MillsWyatt Mills filled his loft with chaotically beautiful paintings.

5 Mixed Media by Hollis HartHollis Hart displayed her colorful mixed media works.

6 Painting by The BleepBloopBleepbloop showed his lively street art.

7 Mixed Media by John ZarconeJohn Zarcone had some interesting pieces almost hidden in his tiny corner loft entrance.

Getting to see the place where the artists live and work adds a whole new level of understanding for the experiencer. The next Brewery Art Walk will be held in the fall of 2014.

All photos by Cat Doss