Avenue Q comes to North Hollywood

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I confess to a bit of ignorance but I will also say that also truly amplified my enjoyment in watching this latest incarnation of one of Broadway’s biggest hit musicals, the Tony Award winning Avenue Q. Looking over the material about the show I immediately saw Sesame Street and Bert and Ernie — a great fun show for the kids.

Well turns out I was a bit off of the mark. So truthfully in the first few moments of the show I was a bit perplexed and not quite sure what was going on. But then it started to ping. A flash here, a revelation there and suddenly everything amped up and a whole new and very entertaining show quickly emerged. It is exhilarating and hilarious to the max.

Cast of Avenue Q (Doug Engala)

Turns out it is a coming of age show revealing how Princeton, Rod, Kate Monster, Girls Bear, Nicky and others all struggle with the realities of adulthood versus the fantasy created by their parents and Sesame Street . The characters are all puppets with plainly revealed puppet operators or puppeteers if you will giving voice.

Sex is a big issue as it clearly is for pretty much all human teenagers. But as portrayed in Avenue Q it becomes outrageously hilarious. And there is an ongoing stream of relationship issues all presented with absolute humor on the one hand and a real look inside the human condition on the other.

As the show progresses the audience is presented with a steady stream of music that ranges from excellent to superbly delivered and thoroughly entertaining. As the show draws to its conclusion, displayed are examples of how love, developing and keeping an open mind and heart, forgiveness, generosity and acceptance of others can bring about a happy harmonious community they call Avenue Q and what we can all call our own home and neighborhood.

As for “standout” performances I’d have to say pretty much everyone on stage. Courtney Bruce is spectacular as of all people Gary Coleman. Troy Whitaker as Trekkie Monster is also spectacular; but again the entire cast performed at peak making this show fully entertaining and unbelievably fun in ways I frankly just wasn’t expecting but was very happy to enjoy.

If you want some great theatrical fun by all means get over to the Lonny Chapman Theatre, 10900 Burbank Boulevard, North Hollywood, California now through July 7,,2019. Show times are Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 p.m. and Sunday matinees at 2:00 p.m. Reservations and ticketing are available online or by simply calling 818-763-5990.

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