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Best Office Chairs for a Healthier brain

Best Office Chairs for a Healthier brain

Many of us have work schedules which require us to sit for long periods of time at our office chair. The ill effects of sitting for long periods of time are well known. From cardiovascular diseases to diabetes, to obesity, to back pain, all are well-known effects of prolonged seating. However, little do people know that improperly designed office chairs, coupled with extended sitting hours, can be detrimental for your brain health. This has led to a debate among scientists about ways of altering chair designs so that these ill effects can be eliminated. Autonomous.AI has come with intelligently crafted office chairs which apart from keeping other health-related problems at bay, are also good for brain health. Since brain health is directly related to sedentary behavior, these chairs provide ample flexibility to the user.

How sitting and brain health are inter-related.

A study which was conducted by Dr. Prabha Siddharth of the University of California, LA, states that improper and sedentary sitting causes a reduction in thickness of the temporal lobe, which houses a critical region of the brain which is responsible for learning and memory, the hippocampus. Thus, if you are sitting in an improperly designed chair for long hours of stretch, chances are that there is damage being caused to your learning and memory.

How Office Chairs can be Designed for a Healthier Brain?

The brain is our most cherished asset. Hence, efforts should be undertaken to address the damage which traditional office chairs cause to the brain. Some of the changes in office chair design can be:

  1. Flexibility: Majority of the harmful effects on the brain are caused by sedentary office chairs. Thus, those chairs which allow the user a good amount of flexibility can combat the harmful effects on the brain.
  2. Ergonomic Design: This is the latest platform on which office chairs are being designed. Ergonomics means designing office chairs, keeping the individual health of the users in mind. This includes physical, as well as mental health.
  3. Adjustability: Users should be given a choice to adjust the chair according to their needs. This will increase the productivity and keep the mind fresh, as the user can take quick breaks, by adjusting the back seat tension, and complete the work with more vigor.

Choose these Office Chairs for a healthier brain

Autonomous.AI has come up with ergonomic office chair designs which not only provide you physical comfort but are also good for mental health. Hence, if you looking forward to buying the best office chair, here are a few options:

  1. ErgoStool: Stand up desk is the new buzz word when looking for healthy and smart office furniture options. With all its benefits aside, one simply cannot keep on standing for the whole day. ErgoStool serves just the right purpose by ensuring a comfortable break from standing. The wobbly base ensures there is complete flexibility to shift positions, thus boosting brain health.
  2. ErgoChair: This is a fully adjustable ergonomic chair which allows various kinds of adjustments, based on the individual body needs. The chair is made of breathable Korean mesh fabric, which keeps both your body and mind fresh. For brain health, this smart chair offers a comfortable headrest, to relieve any stresses in the neck. If you feel heavy in the head, you can tilt the back seat, and enjoy a quick relaxing session, before getting back to work.
  3. MyoChair: This is an intelligently designed ergonomic office chair, which provides 360-degree support to the body, in every seated position. Thus, you can relax your body and improve the blood circulation to your brain, by shifting a few levers. Also, it comes equipped with an auto-balance mechanism and weight-sensitive features for optimum comfort.
  4. AvoChair: This is an eco-friendly option for the health-conscious. AvoChair distinguishes itself by encompassing minimalistic design, and sophisticated features. The chair is made of elastomeric mesh, which distributed the body weight evenly, to improve blood circulation, and remove any undue stresses. By having a dynamic office chair, you can reduce the ill-effects of sitting on your brain.


Traditional office chairs are being rejected by health-conscious people who are aware of the ill-effects of these, both on the body and the brain. Instead, they are going for options like Autonomous.AI, to bring health right inside their workspaces. Jestik has a range of Humanscale keyboard system that could easily transform your uncomfortable desks into an ergonomic one. From height-adjustable keyboard tray systems with retractable mouse platforms to optional accessories including platform arms and corner sleeves, Jestik has a selection of quality products for you to choose from.


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