Best Ways to Celebrate Australia Day

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Image by Rebecca Lintz from Pixabay

National Australia Day is the anniversary of the Federation of Australia. On this date, many different traditions and customs occurred in the Land Down Under. History continues to repeat itself on January 26 every year. That day has become recognized as one of the most important national holidays.

The true origins of National Australia Day can be traced back to the colonial era. It’s the period when the first British colonists arrived on newly discovered land. As they settled in New South Wales on January 26 in 1788, this date was taken as the day founding of this state. Until 1994, each Australian state celebrated this national holiday on a different date. Since then, this public holiday was established for the entire country.

On this particular day, many different activities take place. Australians enjoy these public holidays and celebrate them with parades, concerts, fireworks, and other related events. The authorities use this day to give awards and citizenships to people who deserved them. But most of all, Australia Day is a great chance to spend some quality and fun time with loved ones.

Family Gatherings

Australia Day is often considered to be one of the most important national holidays in the country. There are many traditions, programs, parades, and other related activities organized in cities.

Many people in Australia choose to celebrate this special day with family members and dear ones. Due to the favorable climate in most parts of the country, people gather outside to enjoy casual hanging out, sports, various games, and parties.

Some prefer to make more intimate celebrations in their backyards. If you would like to make this holiday a family affair and include your kids, make them your cooking helpers while making foods in the backyard. They can also assist you in decorating your backyard in a patriotic style.

If you prefer going outside, you could plan a local park trip that features a play area. A family picnic is also a fun way to praise Australia day. Bring some authentic foods like Tim-Tam Slam biscuit, damper bread, sausages, or any meat you can put on a barbeque.

Have a BBQ on the Beach

The love of Australians for barbecue (and everything that can be prepared in this way) is very well known. Having a ‘barbie’ anywhere is the perfect way to celebrate your country’s birthday. And if you do it on the beach, you’ve just made the most Australian celebration of Australia Day.

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The Land Down Under has some great beaches. You won’t be disappointed with the weather conditions and the ambience of various events held by the sea. Put on some clothes with Australian symbols or anything patriotic like temporary tattoos or glasses. You can even dye hair in colors of flag. Make sure to bring enough drinks and relax playing volleyball or throwing a frisbee on the sand.

Go to Nature

Suppose you want to honor Australia Day in a more personal manner. In that case, you could take some time and spend this holiday out of the town. If you live in New South Wales, you can make plans to visit the Blue Mountains. They are among the most beautiful and exciting mountains in the entire world.

As a part of Australia’s natural beauty, this scenery offers an ideal setting for enjoying a quiet, private holiday. There are many options to spend your time in the Blue Mountains. You can go biking, hiking, horseback riding, camping, kayaking, or any other activity that allows you to take in the fantastic beauty of nature.

Another option for a great family weekend that includes National Australia Day celebrations is a trip to Wollongong. Known for its country houses and stunning wine gardens, Wollongong is an ideal place for a romantic getaway or holiday with your family.

There are several local attractions and historical sites to explore. But the primary focus of this region should be its delicious, ripe wine. There are wineries for every taste palette, ranging from smaller family-owned to larger regional and international brands.

Patriotism to the Highest

Suppose you want an exceptional experience while celebrating Australia National Day in a patriotic manner. In that case, listening to the Australian national anthem is a must. It’s an important tradition for many people, especially those with a strong sense of nationality.

For those with a good ear and some talent, why don’t you try performing on your own? You can list all the patriotic songs you know and perform them any way you want. Maybe that won’t be the most pleasant sounds for others to hear. But, at least, everyone will have a good time.

Go on a Parade

On Australia Day, there are a variety of public ceremonies that take place in Sydney. So, if you’re already there, you have to find some time and go to a public celebration. These are held across the country, but the one in Sydney is truly unique.

When Australia celebrates, a grand parade is conducted from the Sydney Harbour to George Street, where the finish line is set up. This popular event is an excellent opportunity for locals and visitors to take part in the festive atmosphere.

The main highlight of the day is a firework taking place on the Harbour Bridge, just above the Opera. The spectacular pyrotechnic display is one of the best features of Australia Day. It makes it an even more outstanding public holiday in this country. You can have a ‘private’ firework to, just adhere some safety guidelines (more information on this web page).

A boat tour along the Sydney Harbor is one of the most popular ways to enjoy the grandeur of the city. Seeing a firework from water is a unique experience. But you’ll also witness the beauty of Sydney’s panorama, so remember to bring the camera.

The year behind wasn’t quite bright. So, if you are thinking of celebrating something special on Australia Day this January, make sure to explore your options and plan in advance. Whatever you opt for, remember to be grateful and enjoy with your loved ones.