Billie Eilish’s New Book Gives You an Intimate Look at Her Life Since Birth

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How much do you really know about Billie Eilish? Well, this Gen-Z pop sensation is more than just her bold hair statements and heartfelt tunes.

In fact, there is much of Billie that is never shown on stage or through the lenses of the paparazzi. In fact, with the billie eilish book available now in multiple languages, it has made us realize just how much is unknown to her global fanbase!


Much to the delight of many, Billie has released a beautiful visual photobook that can be paired with an exclusive audiobook as well. Through this combination of hand-picked images in the Billie Eilish book and the never-before stories told by Billie and her family on the audiobook, fans are going to be treated to a whole new side of this singing phenomenon.

So what types of things will fans learn through this intimate new book? We’ve rounded up the top things that only the book will truly let you experience.

1. She was a really cute kid

Billie has handpicked some of her favorite childhood photos to share in this intimate visual book. And can we just say, Billie is probably one of the cutest kids around! You’ll love seeing what Billie looked like as a tiny tot who had no idea the stardom she would reach just a few years later.

2. She was into music very young

Billie may have seemed like an overnight sensation to the world, but she had been on her musical journey since pretty much the day she was born. Her book will show how music has always been a part of her life, from being part of the community choirs to playing instruments at home. Plus, you’ll even get a glimpse at Billie the dance too! The girl really does have some serious dance moves!

3. She has always been herself

Billie doesn’t put on an act to try and be someone she’s not. And the photos shown in her book really do prove it. She has always chosen a style that she is both comfortable and confident in—whether she is in the spotlight or relaxing at home. Fans will be delighted to see her style progression through the years as well, and may even get some new fashion inspo of their own from Billie!

4. She has a really close relationship with her brother

Billie and her brother Finneas have always been close. And they definitely aren’t putting on an act for the cameras. They genuinely care for each other and always have. The photos Billie shares of the two of them embody their relationship from the time they were practically in diapers. Their relationship is a key component to their success and ability to create brilliant music together. These images are so sweet and give us major sibling jealousy!

5. She is a Justin Bieber superfan

Billie is just like us and has had a massive crush on Justin Bieber for years. She had a room just like any other tween that was covered with Justin posters and memorabilia. Only unlike the rest of us, she actually got to meet the superstar in person and now calls him a friend. Talk about making dreams come true!

6. She isn’t a smiler

Billie is sweet, but isn’t a fan of smiling! The photos in her book show the consistent theme of Billie actively not smiling unless she absolutely has to. Even before stardom hit her big time, photos of her with a big grin are far and few between—but there are a few that make it into the book!

Taking this intimate journey with Billie through her book is a special experience for any fan and makes for a great Billie keepsake for years to come.