Where to Find the Best Low Noise Humidifier

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Many people are hesitant to get a humidifier because they worry that it will make too much noise and drive them crazy. They likely remember other family members having older models of humidifiers that made a good bit of noise. Luckily there are several humidifiers on the market today that are virtually silent when they are on.

The Best Low Noise Humidifier is…

Traditionally many humidifiers rely on large, noisy fans to circulate humidity into the air; if you are looking to purchase a humidifier that makes virtually no sound when running, you will want to buy an ultrasonic humidifier. Ultrasonic humidifiers do have a tiny fan that helps to circulate water particles when it is in use. However, it does not produce much sound at all.

The Many Benefits of Choosing an Ultrasonic Humidifiers

Yes, the ultrasonic humidifier is very quiet when it is in operation, but that is not the only benefit of choosing this humidifier. These are a few of the best advantages to choosing this humidifier has to offer.

Uses Very Little Energy

Initially, you will notice that an ultrasonic humidifier is not the cheapest humidifier on the market. However, it does save you money in the long run because it uses less energy than many other models. In addition, since this type of humidifier does not heat the water, it can utilize significantly less power.

No Filters to Change

There are no filters to replace when you choose to purchase an ultrasonic humidifier; this is just another way you will save money by choosing this type of humidifier. You will have to spend extra money to buy replacement filters for other types. Many other humidifiers will need a new filter every few months.

Safe For Children and Pets

As mentioned earlier, ultrasonic humidifiers do not heat the water inside them to increase your space’s humidity. This means that this is an excellent choice if you have small children or pets in your home. If they accidentally knock the humidifier over on themselves, they will not be burned by hot water like they would with many other types of humidifiers.

How Does an Ultrasonic Humidifier Actually Work

Since the ultrasonic humidifier does not use heat to create water vapor like most humidifiers, you may be wondering exactly how do they work?

  1. The first thing that happens is the water you place in the ultrasonic humidifier will travel through a cartridge that will remove any microscopic minerals that are in it. Next, that water travels through a small pipe to a diaphragm.
  2. When the water reaches the diaphragm, it vibrates at a high frequency to change the water into tiny mist droplets. These droplets will begin to form inside a chamber in the interior of the humidifier.
  3. The last thing that occurs is the small fan inside of the ultrasonic humidifier will circulate the mist droplets into the room.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Owning an Ultrasonic Humidifier

1. Do Clean It

You will want to clean your ultrasonic humidifier regularly; this will help to guarantee that no bacteria can grow inside the humidifier.

2. Don’t Use Tap Water

Since the ultrasonic humidifier does not have a filter, tap water can cause mineral deposits to form and damage your humidifier.

3. Do Use Distilled Water

Distilled water is safe to use in your ultrasonic humidifier because it is treated and purified. Therefore, it does not contain anything that can build up in your humidifier and damage it.

4.  Don’t Place in a Small Space

Ultrasonic humidifiers need to be in rooms that have plenty of ventilation to work correctly. This is because it will not have enough “breathing room” in a small area to disperse moisture evenly. This will lead to water building up on surfaces in that space.

5. Do Place on a Table or Shelf

When you are using your ultrasonic humidifier, you need to set it on a table or shelf. It can not place on the floor because the mist that it is putting out will not have time to evaporate before hitting the ground. This will result in a wet and slick floor. If you place the humidifier on a shelf, make sure that the mist stream is blowing into the open space.

6. Do Place On a Plastic Tray

Place a plastic tray underneath your ultrasonic humidifier so that it can catch any water that might accumulate while it is in operation.

Get Your Ultrasonic Humidifier Today

If you are looking for a low-noise humidifier, you will want to find an ultrasonic humidifier. Choosing this type of humidifier will guarantee that you will not have to deal with the annoyance of a loud humidifier. This type also uses less power, and you will not have to constantly buy replacement filters for it. So go ahead and get an ultrasonic humidifier today so you can start reaping all the benefits today.