California now ranks among the Top 6 states with the highest number of deaths from DUI over the last decade

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A recent study has listed California among the top six DUI casualty states in the US over the last decade.

An insurance comparison website known as Quote Wizard evaluated the report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and discovered an increase in the rate of DUI casualties in the state.

Adam Johnson, a research analyst on Quote Wizard stated that the number of casualties increased to 987 in the year 2000 to 1,120 deaths by the end of 2017.
He continued that the research revealed a 13.48% increase in the DUI casualties from the year 2000 to 2017 in California making it the fourth among the leading rate of DUI deaths.

He also indicated that one other state among the six states also experienced an increase.

Although there is an 18% percent decrease within that period on the national level.

Johnson said the other parts of the country demonstrated a positive response to the security of the public, improved enforcement on highways and developed a stricter policy on DUI cases.

California is ranked as the 21st among list of states with strictest DUI laws in America with the harshest rules on DUI, according to the analysis on drunk driving enforcement guidelines carried out by WalletHub, a personal finance website.
The California Highway Patrol described that in 2018, over 66,000 individuals were arrested which was a 4% addition from the previous year’s report.

Mike Poelking, the CHP public information officer at San Luis Obispo indicated that there were 14 checkpoints throughout the state of California in 2018
This has revealed the prominence and popularity of DUI cases among the residents of California. Drinking and driving is a very serious offense that causes significant changes in one’s life, particularly with the absence of a qualified legal counselor results in severe injury or death of others.

After your arrest, you are however innocent until your guilt has been verified by the prosecutor using the standard of evidence. You can easily dismiss your DUI case with the help of an experienced DUI Lawyer like Sevens Legal, APC – San Diego DUI Lawyers  by implementing legal arguments, justification and motions that are not affected by your legal BAC limit.

In the early part of this month, Federal and state agencies during a national campaign informed people about the impacts of a DUI crime on the life of a person.

Poelking, information officer at CHP stated that when considering it statistically, according to AAA, a $15,000 monthly expense would be reached and the criminal record of a DUI lasts for about 10 years.

Obtaining a special insurance policy also regarded as SR-22 insurance is mandatory in some states for DUI culprits before a vehicle can be driven.
Johnsons indicated that the insurance will be bumped up and can be increased for as much as double or triple the former after a DUI charge which could lead to being removed from insurance coverage.

The CHP in San Luis Obispo is getting ready for the new school semester which is usually accompanied by high activity in the agency.

Poelking indicated that the beginning of a new semester in the college is always characterized by late-night shifts as multiple calls will be coming in.

Poelking also indicated that apart from DUI cases, the agency also receives claims of drunk students who try to stay away from drunk driving, walking the highway in the dead of the night.

He cautioned that they should avoid the highways, especially when drunk.
Rather, Poelking suggests that drunk individuals should either take a ride, share a ride or have a specified driver.

The SLO CHP also provides a monthly service known as a Start Smart Program developed for new drivers where they are being taught about the risks associated with DUDI, driving distracted, and different violations of traffic regulations.

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) stated that approximately 1,000 people were arrested for DUI during the Labor Day weekend of this year.

Also, during the high-intensity enforcement period on the weekend, about 1,078 individuals were arrested by the officers as suspected DUI culprits statewide.

This same period, about 45 individuals lost their lives in the Californian highway, which was an unhappy period in the state, according to the CHP.

The CHP also released a statement that unfortunately, the higher percentage of the vehicle passengers who did not put on their seat belt lost their lives in CHP jurisdiction.