Cannabis Legal in Canada

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Marijuana lovers in Canada have a reason to smile because the substance has been legalized. The excellent news saw people come out in large numbers to celebrate this important milestone. There will be dispensaries throughout the country which will be selling the pot. Users of marijuana must, however, adhere to strict rules. Canada is the second country in the world to legalize the use of marijuana and related products.

The Specifics

Many people waited in large lines to be the first to purchase pot (legally). Adults are allowed the use of up to 30 grams. It’s also legal to grow your pot as long as you don’t exceed the allotted amount of four plants per person. The use of edibles isn’t permitted for the moment up to a later date. Those who had been previously convicted for being in possession of 30 grams and below will be pardoned.

Who is allowed to purchase marijuana?

Any citizen of legal age can purchase marijuana in Canada. The legal age in Quebec and Alberta is set at 18 while in all the other cities it’s 19. The Senate passed the law legalizing the use of marijuana in the country in the month of June.

Where will marijuana be sold?

In the first few months, it’s expected the marijuana will be sold in limited spots. There will also be designated places where the pot will be sold. It shouldn’t be sold together with alcohol and tobacco products. Consumers are advised to purchase their marijuana from licensed producers or retailers. There are still online dispensaries like Faircannacare selling cannabis that can be delivered to your door.

Can I carry weed within the borders

The answer is a big no. You can find yourself in serious trouble when you move marijuana when entering or leaving Canada. The use of marijuana for recreational purposes only applies when you’re in the country. It won’t matter if you’re traveling to a country where marijuana is legal. If you’re found with marijuana crossing the borders, criminal charges may be brought up against you.

What happens to those who were convicted of marijuana charges before?

Those who were found with 30 grams and below will be pardoned. The regulations are stringent on those found to be using minors for production, distribution or even selling to them.

Why was marijuana legalized?

The Cannabis Act was passed in a move to reduce marijuana-related crime and use by minors. The legalization hasn’t been received well by all people. Health experts are concerned about the impact the legalization will have.

Apart from the stringent rules governing the use of marijuana, there are also strict penalties for those found driving under the influence of marijuana. The legalization is expected to generate enormous revenues for the government.

Other countries that have legalized marijuana

Canada is the second country to authorize the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. The first country to lead the way was Uruguay in December 2013. In the US, marijuana is legal for recreational purposes in a total of 9 states and Columbia.

In September 2018, the Supreme Court of South Africa legalized the private use of marijuana for adults. In addition to this, 30 states have legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes. The marijuana industry is a lucrative one with the US making a total of $9 billion in sales in 2017.