CBD Oil: Is it the greatest miracle ever?

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CBD Oil, more formally known as cannabidiol oil, is a component of cannabis sativa or simply marijuana. But unlike the tetrahydrocannabinol or more simply THC, another component of marijuana, CBD oil does not make you high or intoxicated. What it does do it seems is pretty much everything and anything from eliminating epileptic seizures to reducing inflammation and eliminating anxiety.

From my very own very personal experience I believe it can also eliminate cancer. Nearly a decade ago now I was diagnosed with very advanced stage prostate cancer. Treatment recommendations included 42 radiation treatments followed up with several months of chemotherapy. Perplexed by how it was that a carcinogen, in this case, radiation, could be used correctly to kill the very problem it causes I nevertheless submitted to the radiation and it did significantly reduce but did not fully remove cancer from my body.

So I then reluctantly began with chemo which was the injection of some severely horrible substance called Firmagon directly into my belly once each month. By month two I was literally going insane. I would lock myself into a dark room and watch a television set that was not on. My mind would focus on the details of how I would murder someone I actually liked very much.

Fortunately, I was able to rid myself of those torturous thoughts by walking very fast for about two miles. But that I even had those thoughts troubled me greatly. So I began looking for a better alternative to Firmagon and eventually discovered CBD Oil. I went back to my oncologist and told him that if he even tried to stick me again I would put the needle into his forehead. I told him about my very bad reaction to his treatment and explained I had replaced his junk with CBD oil. He grudgingly backed down but asked me to return in two months to see if I had gotten better or worse. I said I would do it but with no more co-pay.  He agreed.

So for a little over two months, I placed a dropper of CBD Oil under my tongue twice a day every day. It gave me absolutely no sensation of any kind except for a slightly less than good taste under my tongue. When I went back to the oncologist he drew some of my blood and tested it for any evidence of cancer.

Soon he returned smiling and announced that I was now cancer free, to which I replied “no thanks to you.” He frowned and I left extremely happy to be cancer free. I had become a true fan of CBD Oil.

That was about a decade ago and long before the trend sweeping the nation to legalize marijuana and create and sell an ever-expanding variety of CDB Oil based products. Going well beyond the basic CBD Oil that is used these days there are a great many varieties of CBD Oil-based products including foods infused with CBD Oil.

These days CBD Oil has grown well beyond the shadows and is rising rapidly all across America. But despite my personal positive experience, there are a great many problems still linked with CBD Oil.

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For one thing, as of now, there is basically no regulation whatsoever on very important matters such as dosage, purity, analysis of potential negative side effects and true efficacy even in those areas where it seems CBD oil does provide a positive result such as epilepsy and anxiety. Any if not most of the claims being made by CBD Oil advocates simply lack any significant scientific evidence to support the claims. Most of the studies made so far have been limited to animals other than humans and virtually all known studies lack any significant controls.

So where is all of this taking us? Yes, I am a true fan based on my personal experience but that falls wildly short of an acceptable level of proof of efficacy. What is needed is far more serious clinical studies conducted at a truly professional level by credible researchers. Over time there will be more and more such studies and greater real information will come forth.

Until then be very wary and ignore all unsubstantiated claims made by those encouraging you to buy CBD oil as a cure for almost everything when, at least as of now, it’s true health benefits are still minimal or unknown.

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