Chivalry: Be our knight in shining armor

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On Friday I decided to stop at Sonic and get a strawberry fruit slush. Great idea until I pulled out the drive-through sucking up a huge strawberry into my straw. Lines of cars, shoot, school had just let out and there were two entrances/exits from the shopping center. I could see the exit to the side street and the line of cars was as far back as I could see (where the school is) so I chose the exit onto the main road. I had to get into a line that ends up in front of the grocery store and then you have to make a left to get out.

I am not exaggerating, I had to wait about five light changes until I was finally the second car waiting to turn left. The car in front of me had an elderly person who was timid about getting out there and pushing their way into the line of cars so it took a couple lights before I was the first car. I had no intention of sitting there through anymore lights so I looked at the drivers and was lucky enough to get eye contact with one man. I smiled and motioned whether I could go in front of him when the light changed. He very gallantly motioned that I could jump in front of him. I couldn’t pull out and block traffic since they were bumper to bumper in his line so I waited until the light changed. Unfortunately, then people came through the light into the shopping center blocking me from going forward. Something I didn’t think about earlier. The traffic moved forward in his line and there was the guy still sitting there with no one in front of him. I motioned that he should just go and mouthed a thank you.

Traffic1This guy rolled down his window. His head was leaned back against the seat all calm and relaxed with a huge smile on his face. In the middle of the slow shake of his head back and forth telling me no, he wasn’t going to go that he was going to wait, the cars behind him became impatient and started honking. I laughed and he laughed. I waved at him to go again and he didn’t. His shoulders lifted in laughter. I looked to the left and could see I still had two more cars to wait for. They finally passed and I shot across with a wave and a smile in front of Mr. Gentleman who pulled forward behind me. I am sure no one behind him let in any of the other cars from my line because they were so angry.

Since his window was down, I wish I had put my window down as I passed and asked if he was married. This guy not only is a gentleman in my books but he has an awesome sense of humor. He could have went on his merry way when I got stuck, but he didn’t. We pissed off a few people and in the face of ridicule, (and horns honking) he stayed a gentleman, made me laugh and made my day. I will always smile when I remember this day. What a guy!

I don’t think chivalry is dead at all. It’s still out there. Recently on Facebook I remember reading something from a guy saying that when he opens doors, women don’t thank him and are not appreciative. Every woman I’ve asked, said they loved it and always thanked the man for being so nice. I am sure there are women out there that say it makes them feel weak and takes away their independence, but don’t stop because of a few. There are men out there that never make the effort to be a gentleman so it is always refreshing to find those that are. I am a strong, independent woman and I still love when a man wants to take care of me. It says a lot about who you are.

I try to use the same idea in treating everyone the best way I can. Even those who drive me crazy. I kill them with kindness.

Chivalry; an honorable and polite way of behaving especially toward women. Or from the dictionary, the sum of the ideal qualifications of a knight, including courtesy, generosity and valor. Be the man you always thought you were, be our knight in shining armor. Thanks guys! heart

Photos via YouTube screen shots.