Anticipation: Two views

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Anticipation — hers and His. Same situation. It’s all in perspective. Both sides are wonderful and so much fun to contemplate.


She got out of bed with the sheet wrapped around her. She opened the bedroom door and looked out into the wide hallway. All was dark including the living area. She looked at the door across the hall, no sliver of light underneath.

She was scared to death, but couldn’t help herself. She tiptoed across to his door with the sheet trailing behind her. She leaned her ear up close, holding her breath to listen. No sound. She assumed he was asleep. Darn! She was frustrated and he was asleep! No, she wasn’t going back to her room yet. Her hand went to the knob; she tried cautiously to turn it. It was unlocked. She bit her lip and turned the knob very slowly. It opened easily. She pushed it open a crack and peeked in.

Her eyes adjusted to the darkness and she immediately saw the very masculine body stretched out across the bed. She breathed deep as she picked up his alluring male scent.

The moonlight filtered across his body leaving light and dark stripes through the blinds. It was dark across his face. She could see the comforter kicked off the bed, the sheets were tangled around his legs and hanging off the side as if he had been tossing restlessly back and forth. She gasped and sucked in air when she realized that he slept nude.

Her heart was beating frantically. She had to calm her breathing and heart rate. His firm, muscled upper thigh gently cradled his flaccid but boldly firming manhood. She couldn’t help but smile wondering what he could be dreaming about to give him that reaction.

Her feet began inching closer to the bed without her control.


He heard the bedroom door open. He went perfectly still, not believing she was coming into his room. Her head peeked in and he could see her face clearly in the moonlight spilling into the room. Her hair looked slightly damp and a few soft tendrils fell across her face.

She looked right at him. He knew his own face was in darkness and he looked into her eyes to see if she knew he was awake. Her eyes went from his darkened face to his chest, across his stomach and below.

She had this small Mona Lisa smile that just radiated her entire face.  Damn, this woman could be sexy without even trying. The look on her face made his heart pound. He couldn’t help himself. His body responded to her with a fury that bespoke his desire for this warm-blooded woman and he wanted to bury himself into her and stay there forever.

The ache became almost unbearable as he watched her enter the room, with only a thin white sheet carelessly wrapped around her, to softly approach his bed. He wanted so much to reach out for her and pull her onto him, but was afraid to move in case it scared her and had her scurrying back to her room like a little mouse.

He could be patient a little longer just to see what she would do. The look on her face was pure enrapture. The things this woman could do to his heart with just a look.