Colorblind to race: Could the USA achieve such a state?

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Scientists believe that the lightest and darkest skin tones will be eventually phased out because of our multiracial children. This will leave the future people with an olive skin tone and shades of brown hair.

Johann Friedrich Blumenbach (Wikipedia)

Originally our skin color depended on where we were in the world and our adaption. The darker the skin, the more vitamin D needed as in more sun exposure. As the human race migrated around the world, skin lightened.

In the early 1800’s Johann Blumenback stated there were five races of people. Red, Yellow, White, Black and Brown. He was wrong of course and his idea of five races of people contributed to our division. We are one race of many colors. Did you know you could be blue or even orange? Blue, called methemoblobinemia from genetic mutation or from silver ingestion and orange is called carotenemia which means you ate too many carrots.

Many parts of the world have excepted interracial marriages for years but in the United States it was 1967 before our last state finally legitimized it! It didn’t matter if it was legal, multiracial children have been around as long as there were people communicating on Earth.

Blumenbach’s five races (Wikipedia)

Hybridity – I am not talking plants but people. Hybridity has always been considered taboo even as far back as the 17th century. Christians marrying non-Christians or Greeks marrying Romans. Racial purity or racial hygiene makes me think of Nazi’s with their idea of a master race. Tall, fair haired and light eyes. Hitler even studied twins hoping he could duplicate his master race. He would not have been comfortable in the future.

The transition will be gradual over the years and will probably be hardly noticed. Who knows what the future holds with cosmetic surgery and hair dye? We’ll still have our family traits, whatever they may be, big nose, ears that stick out and even maybe a few dimples with a scattering of freckles but with natural olive skin and brownish hair.