Curacao children to take up Android training and App development challenge

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Willemstad, Netherlands Antilles — Seeking to take its place among the recognized global list of countries with technologically smart kids, the Dutch Caribbean Island of Curacao is set to become the first country in the Netherlands Antilles to benefit from an Android training program for children between the ages of seven and twelve.

Crafted with material support from Google and Cyber Watchdog Technologies, the three-day training project aims to arm a selected group of children with the knowledge and expertise to develop their own Android Apps to a scale that would make it workable on most Smart phones and Tablet computers.

The exercise, which is schedule to be held in Willemstad from the 10 to 12 August would practically provide the local children with an initially one track approach to mobile App development and thus create a foundation for them to self expand their skills in the field.

Many parents in Curacao have welcomed the project with some even telling the Los Angeles Post Examiner that the project should have been an ongoing one, rather than a one-off program.

“I felt that this children’s program should be better supported so that it can remain with our children in the long term”, says Andreas Jonick, a single parent with two kids who fits within the age range of the project.

Referring to an earlier article about the project, which first appeared in all four editions of the Curacao Guardian, she pressed on to highlight the project’s objectives and her own views on why it should remain in Curacao for the long term.

Chiming in to support her sentiments, her friend Marie expressed the same view while citing the apparent lack of any real national IT program that effectively targets youngsters between a certain age group.

While the children’s Android training project is open at no cost to kids, prior registration is required by their parents in order to keep a lid on the number of participants that can be accommodated.

Information on the project requirements etc can be found by visiting its sponsor’s official page.

Alternatively, parents can request more information or sign up by calling or WhatsApp: (+5999) 562-2121 or email:

The Android project is believed to be the first of its kind in Curacao, and by extension, the Caribbean.