Current Discourse FDA Wants Cleanrooms for Vape Manufacturers to Avoid Contamination

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To perform tests on the ingredients in vape juice and maintain the quality of production methods, the FDA will soon establish FDA vape regulations and rules. They want to monitor hygienic conditions in the facility where producers manufacture vaporizers and respective e-liquids. The rules will be similar to those for over-the-counter medications, prescriptions, and dietary supplements. It requires vaping product manufacturers to conform to proper guidelines regarding standards of environmental and atmospheric cleanliness, techniques for machine decontamination, and workers’ personal hygiene.

Contamination of Vape Juice Ingredients

The ingredients in vape juice include water, nicotine, various flavoring, vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG). Every organic ingredient is prone to contamination from bacteria and pathogens, with moisture acting as their primary vector in unsterile conditions.

If a grocery store keeps spoiled meat or any organic produce past its expiration date food on their shelves, hundreds of people can get sick if they eat without noticing. Similarly, e-liquid can also spoil and cause problems. Because of contamination and spoilage, users can sue vape and e-cigarette companies as well.

How Cleanrooms Help Vape Manufacturers for Expected FDA Vape Regulations

Advanced cleanrooms are emerging and providing many industries a way to protect sensitive substances from contamination. It promotes sanitary environments by controlling atmospheric conditions. Cleanrooms effectively reduce microorganisms by regulating pressurization, humidity, temperature, as well as the direction and rate of airflows. All these standards are part of FDA vape rules and regulations.  The manufacturers can act upon FDA vape regulations to develop superior products while ensuring that they are not harmful and include any contamination.

Benefits of a Cleanroom

Cleanrooms are the free-standing assemblies that manufacturers should install in the warehouse. They need almost 5 or 8, equipped with HEPA or UPLA filter fans. The display panel is very easy to use and can adjust pressure, fans, and lights and have many other options to promote healthy measures. You can choose between the soft wall (anti-static vinyl) or hard wall (polycarbonate, polypropylene, and dissipative PVC) cleanrooms.

The bio-safe design, which allows for sterile operations, will also include inner surfaces made from chemically-resistant material that will stand up to disinfectants. These are low-maintenance as you can change the FFU filter and light bulbs easily by cleaning them with mild bleach and IPA.

Cleanrooms also allow manufacturers to make modifications so they can relocate and change inner architecture without incurring additional expenses. If you turn on the night mode, service will reduce the cost while still maintaining cleanroom integrity. Cleanrooms come with unique features to facilitate airflow throughout the surface. This prevents accumulation and collection of harmful particles.

Should FDA Vape Regulations be Applied on E-Cigarette?

Government advocates FDA vape regulated liquid points. Research shows that nicotine powder is physically a drug that moves along a similar pathway as cocaine, alcohol, and heroin once it enters the body. Additional research on nicotine shows that nicotine can produce cancer in your cells. Hence the FDA will put rules in place to make vape products free of contamination. Many companies don’t pay taxes and make millions of dollars annually without slowing down their production of illegal products. They pass the quality checks without anyone noticing, and their unsafe products are available in the market. This can be a real threat for you and other people using these illegal manufacturers’ vaporizers and other vape products.

When Should E-Liquid Manufacturers Install Clean Rooms?

Vape manufacturing companies should think about getting a cleanroom as early as they can. If these companies are waiting for FDA guidelines to become a law, they will find themselves rushing in the end. Vape manufacturing companies should take all the things in control and develop a cleanroom before the FDA starts sending notices. Waiting can lead to vape companies having to pay more fines and money for quality control. Hence, companies need to be aware of all the FDA Vape rules and install cleanrooms to avoid contamination of vape products.


The e-cigarette should have maintained flavors, consistency, and quality control. Manufacturers should check the product so that it’s free from contamination, and it is very important to make sure that products are developed in a production-friendly environment. Vape manufacturing companies need to maintain all factors to utilize a controlled environment. They can do this easily with an e-cigarette modular cleanroom system.