Danny Trejo And The Everest Foundation Have Long-Term Plans To Care For Hundreds Of Homeless US Veterans

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On the big screen, Danny Trejo often comes off as that fierce and merciless machete-wielding man who will stop at nothing in the pursuit of his goal. In real life, though, he is a different person. And this has come to light more than ever during this stressful pandemic-ridden situation we are currently enduring.

A long-time resident of LA, the famous actor has been at the forefront of arranging community outreach programs aimed at helping some needy and underprivileged communities across the city. And in Dr. Michael Everest, the head of the Everest Foundation, Trejo has found a valuable ally in the pursuit of his praiseworthy ventures. The Everest Foundation is already famous across medical research facilities all across the nation for its tireless effort to promote top-quality medical education and research.

Trejo and the Foundation Come to the Aid of Homeless Veterans

Back in September, the outreach programs distributed more than a thousand meals to homeless vets and their families currently living in the Los Angeles Westside Veteran Administration campus. In addition to the nutritious meals prepared at Trejo’s famous LA food haunt Trejo’s Tacos, the organizers also distributed copies of the Bible to the recipients. This latter was, in particular, Dr. Michael Everest‘s idea since he believes that the scriptures will help keep the morale up of people during these difficult times.

When interviewed about this venture, Trejo commented that he believes that these sorts of initiatives are needed now more than ever. Alluding to the pandemic, the actor remarked that we all at current are living in a sort of emergency. He added that although all of this is highly unfortunate, at least one good thing about this whole situation is that it has helped all of us bring close together and thus better appreciate one another’s needs.

With his characteristic frankness, Trejo commented that it is as if “we all are in a sinking Titanic right now looking desperately for a good seat” and as such, it is only natural that we should try to help each other as much as possible. Commenting specifically about the veterans, Trejo’s take was that these individuals have sacrificed a lot for the sake of the nation. So, if some of them have fallen into bad times, it is the duty and responsibility of all caring American citizens to do their best to help them in whatever way possible.

Danny also made clear that The Westside VA venture was not a one-off program. On the contrary, they are looking into ways to help homeless veterans all across the country.

In this connection, we may mention that the Everest Foundation has already introduced the commendable “Exoskeleton Program” at the New York Bronx Veteran Administration Center. The program is designed to provide all the necessary treatments required to cure or bring relief to spinal cord injuries suffered by a huge number of US veterans. The Foundation has plans to extend this program to many top VA centers all across America, Dr. Everest informed.

Many vets who were beneficiaries of this program expressed their gratitude to the organizers as well as to the Westside VA itself. The latter has been caring for LA county US veterans for a long time now and offers a comprehensive range of health care requirements to the veterans. These include general inpatient and outpatient medical services, free of cost medicines, surgical procedures, as well as mental health and therapy services. The well-equipped facility, maintained by a 4,000 strong committed health care staff, boasts of state-of-the-art geriatric, oncology, dentistry, and other departments. The campus houses a hospice as well and thanks to its clinical education, research, and other services, has been providing much-needed support to US veterans for over two decades now.