Choosing a Choker for Any Occasion

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Photo by Wilson Vitorino from Pexels

Necklaces resting tightly around the neck go by the name chokers, and many styles come in fabric because they do fit so closely to the body. However, jewelry manufacturers offer other materials and styles today. Some chokers are very simple while others feature ornate detailing. When selected and worn properly, these necklaces serve as an excellent fashion accessory. However, the wrong selection detracts from the wearer’s overall appearance. Keep this in mind when making your choice. The following tips help with this task.

Neck and Face Shape

Women need to measure their neck before purchasing a choker. These necklaces fit tightly but should allow normal breathing. Once the neck measurement is complete, choose a choker approximately two inches bigger. This ensures the necklace remains comfortable, even when worn for hours at a time. Most chokers range from 14 to 16 inches in length. However, they vary significantly in width. Certain styles measure no more than 1/16″ across, while others may be as wide as three inches. Keep this in mind so you view a wide selection of options as you obtain help finding a choker.

Chokers are most flattering on wearers with long, slender necks. Those with a short neck need to select a thin, simple choker if this is the preferred jewelry style. Wide necks need a slim choker to provide some balance. If the choker is too wide, the neck looks bigger than it is. Women fortunate enough to have long, slender necks find they can choose wide chokers and wear them with ease. In addition, necks that are long and slender can easily be adorned with chokers that feature intricate detailing and gems, but women with a wide neck need a simpler style. As short necks look best in thin chokers, there’s little room available for details such as gemstones.

Face shape must play a role in choker selection. This necklace style frames the face and accentuates the most prominent facial features. Women with round faces should avoid chokers, as they emphasize the face shape and fullness. Those blessed with an oval face discover they have an unlimited selection of chokers of any shape, length, or style. Heart-shaped faces call for a choker, as the necklace makes the face look fuller while helping to balance the narrow chin seen with this face shape. Long and thin faces appear softer and wider when the person wears a choker.

Try several chokers before making a purchase. Have the neck measurement on hand when doing so. Chokers, when properly positioned, lie on or just above the collarbone. Look in a mirror. If the necklace makes the neck appear shorter than it is or if the neck disappears, choose another style. When trying the choker on before purchasing isn’t possible, select one that includes a chain that allows adjustments.

Skin Tone

Skin tone plays a role in which choker to buy. Hold several fabrics up to the face to determine which colors work best with your skin tone. Some colors lead to a woman looking blotchy or washed out but look great on women with a different skin tone. Once you decide which colors are flattering and which need to be avoided, look for chokers in the colors that make you look your best.

Most women find they can wear black with ease, and the same holds for neutral colors. Women who want to create a unique look that mesmerizes others should choose a choker with embellishments that match the eye color. Satin and velvet fabric chokers remain popular with women today, and they first came into fashion during medieval times, although chokers were popular long before this period. Women who prefer a classic look should choose a studded black velvet choker, but don’t overlook other options. Thanks to the variety of colors today, every woman will find multiple chokers they love and wish to wear regularly.

Crocheted chokers add a bohemian touch to any outfit and look fashionable. Combine the choker with a long skirt for a carefree, feminine appearance. With the addition of this accessory, ladies find they can alter the look of any outfit, whether it be casual or formal.

Those who prefer a Goth look, however, need to select a lace, velvet, or leather choker. Women who want a soft Goth look should go with lace or velvet, many of which come with dangling pendants, cameos, drop pearls, or other embellishments. Those who are more hardcore in their fashion need to pick a leather version, and these styles tend to come with snap closures. Consider investing in a studded leather choker if you want a punk look.

Metal chokers come in many varieties, although the most common is a simple chain choker. However, don’t overlook bold statement pieces or intricate wire designs. Layered chains and stacked bands serve as other options.

Males might also choose to wear a choker, but their options are more limited. Most men prefer a simple band or a woven hemp choker. Dog collar style chokers remain popular with males who love punk fashions.


Women need to consider the outfit when choosing a choker. Chokers stand out more when they are surrounded by bare skin, so keep this in mind when selecting a top and a choker to pair it with. These necklaces look best when worn with off-the-shoulder styles, sweetheart or scoop necklines, and strapless tops. Try this style with a V-neck top or a square neckline to see how it looks.

Match the choker style to the neckline. V-neck tops pair well with chokers that come to a point in the middle, while scoop neck tops go well with a round-shaped choker. However, don’t wear a choker with a high neck top, as those could lead to damage to the clothing and make the neckline appear bulky.

Never pair a casual choker with a formal outfit. Choose glamorous chokers when wearing elegant evening wear, and reserve crocheted chokers for casual styles. Simple strand chokers that feature embellishments like beadwork can be worn with both formal and casual outfits. If only one choker can be purchased, choose one of these styles to get the most value for your money.

Chokers remain a great choice for women today. They work with a range of outfits and come in a variety of styles. Look into obtaining a choker today. Once you see how it adds to your wardrobe, you will probably want to buy more.