Deflated: The end of controversy in Foxborough

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So Tom Brady has finally decided to accept his four game suspension for his role in Deflategate, leaving us with no real controversy as the upcoming NFL season approaches. My guess is he didn’t think the Supreme Court would take his case and the odds of Donald Trump pardoning him were slim. Now he receives a four game suspension from the most trusted man in the nation, Roger Goodell.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodall at the 2016 NFL Draft Town in Chicago, IL (Claudia Gestro)
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodall at the 2016 NFL Draft Town in Chicago, IL (Claudia Gestro)

Roger, being the good guy that he is, may very well reduce Tom’s suspension now that he can claim victory in one of the most important matters that has plagued this nation for over a year and a half. Mr. Goodsell is a straight up guy who always does good by the players. Remember all he has done to address head trauma, especially all those quiet settlements with former players in which he and the league do not take blame for misleading players about their health.

He really cares about this country, so much so, he is willing to consider getting rid of the kickoff just to save players from hard hits (I guess the other 120 plays per game are just for sissies).

What’s next on Mr. Goodsell’s agenda? With Deflategate settled, I am sure he can turn his full attention to whether or not Peyton Manning purchased PEDs via his wife. I am certain if he devotes the time and resources to this matter, he will bust Peyton and suspend his son from the NFL since Peyton has retired.

If Goodsell decides it is not worth going after Peyton Manning, he can preach to us about the evils of an NFL team moving to Las Vegas because there are known gamblers in that city. Heaven forbid the NFL having to drop one team from the weekly Vegas gambling board while that team, The Las Vegas Raiders, enjoys a comfortable, domed stadium, all because the city of Oakland refuses to be held captive again by another owner with the last name of Davis.

Little Lord Davis wants a nice new stadium and since he was shut out of the L.A. market, why should he be made to play in Oakland of all places? Imagine an NFL where an owner and the commissioner take each other to court.

Aldon Smith (YouTube)
Aldon Smith (YouTube)

It’s a shame, this summer there were not any players who blew off their fingers playing with fire works. My guess is, if it happens again soon it will be Aldon Smith, or should I call him All Done Smith, since he just can’t seem to keep from getting himself arrested. Perhaps Mr. Goodell can have a sit down with Aldon and remind him he may be a great defensive end in the NFL but in prison, he is just another wide receiver. A little scared straight never hurt anyone.

With the GOP convention coming to Cleveland, home of the Browns — although that is not racist because it has nothing to do with Hispanics — Goodell might want to take the opportunity to stump for Trump. Lets face it, does Roger really want to see Hillary hosting the Super Bowl winners? Players with head trauma should never be exposed to a leader whose past head trauma (you do remember her horrible concussion a few years ago, don’t you?) has caused her to forget all the money she has accepted from foreign governments who abuse women at a higher rate than NFL players.

The more I think about it, the more I am disappointed in Tom Brady. He seemed to be the one person in this country who could actually thrive while giving Roger Goodell the middle finger, the same one he uses to spin deflated footballs while at practice. Now we get to listen to Goodell tell us how much the NFL is doing for all the special groups they help fund across the nation.

You know, groups that get the NFL players to wear pink for October but get them fined if they want to wear the color any other month because the league Uniform Police have strict rules to enforce.

Next time I go to an NFL game, I plan to drink a $12.00 beer in honor of Mr. Goodell. Nice work!

Top photo by Claudia Gestro